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A.M. Naik: A Story of Passion, Devotion, and Commitment


Ahmedabad, May 16: A.M. Naik’s journey from a twenty-two-year-old engineering graduate to the Chairman Emeritus of Larsen & Toubro is a testament to passion, devotion, conviction, and commitment. His career began with a bold step into Larsen & Toubro in 1964, where his determination and hard work propelled him to remarkable achievements, transforming the company into a multinational conglomerate with a global presence.

Naik’s work ethic and energy, even at eighty-one, are legendary. His ability to forge selfless relationships and inspire those around him to go the extra mile for any assignment is a testament to his leadership. His motto, to start walking towards the next goalpost as soon as one is achieved, exemplifies his relentless drive and ambition.

In his own words, Naik considers himself fortunate to be in a position to serve the nation, industry, and society. He hopes that the lessons drawn from his journey will prove useful to current and future generations.

The book, A.M. Naik: The Man Who Built Tomorrow, written by Priya Kumar and Jairam N. Menon, offers a rare look into the life of this extraordinary leader. It explores the person behind the leader and the many worlds he inhabits, from business and industry to nation-building and philanthropy.

Praise for A.M. Naik: The Man Who Built Tomorrow

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, describes Naik as a rare individual who combines vision and execution, with a deep sense of patriotism and keen intellect. He believes that Naik’s journey will inspire the youth of India and budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Founder–Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, praises Naik’s dedication to building an industry equivalent to the best in the world, as well as his philanthropic efforts in healthcare.

Azim Premji, Founder–Chairman of Wipro, commends Naik’s focus on adding value to everything he undertakes, particularly highlighting his role in creating L&T’s IT business.

Deepak Parekh, Former Chairman of HDFC, appreciates Naik’s restless spirit and creative energy, which he believes sets him apart in the industry.

Naina Lal Kidwai, Chairperson of Rothschild & Co, admires Naik’s zestful and never-say-die approach to life, which she believes offers valuable lessons.

A.M. Naik’s story is not just one of professional success, but also of personal growth and societal impact. His journey exemplifies the power of passion, devotion, conviction, and commitment in transforming lives and building a better tomorrow for all.


Priya Kumar is the author of sixteen books, and a specialist in distilling the accomplishments of corporate figures, entrepreneurs and sports stars into inspirational biographies. 

Jairam N. Menon is a versatile writer, whose long experience of working in L&T, and in proximity to the corporate office, gave him a ringside view of A.M. Naik in action.

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