5 must-haves for your back-to-office phase

By Siddhi Jain


New Delhi, March 22 : If you worked in an office before the pandemic, chances are you walked out one day in March hoping to return in a couple of weeks or, at the very worst, a couple of months. But now, almost a year later, working remotely which seemed destined to last is coming to an end.

Although going back to a professional space and communicating with peers seems like an exciting pursuit, transitioning from our largely comfort-focused home work spaces to a professional setup does have its gloomy challenges.

Here is a list of essentials which are bound to retain a little comfort in your workspace from your Work From Home days:

An Eclectic Sipper

Don’t forget to carry your all time saviour, a sipper especially when shared resources are not advisable to use. Safeguard yourself from any virus or infections in this new normal while carrying a piece of home. Add some excitement to your work life by flaunting these in flamboyant colours on your work station. This also can motivate you to hydrate regularly, which is always essential.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Quiet and stillness has been a major part of our work from home routine, however returning to the cacophony and laughter of a working space may be disturbing for some. Pick yourself some good quality noise cancelling headphones which allow you to focus and streamline work while the noise get too much. Ear pods if you want to do this discreetly.

A Moisturising Sanitizer

Sanitize. A word we have heard multiple time in the past year. One cannot deny the fear that still grips us when we think of the pandemic. Returning to work that fear lingers, and the only practical solution seems to be a good moisturising sanitizer which takes care of any germs that may linger as well as ensure your hands are well taken care of. With innovations taking place every alternate day and skincare considered as a recurring battle, choose an affordable sanitizer like the Savlon moisturising sanitizer. It protects from germs and makes your hands feel soft, enabling the users to sanitise as many times as necessary to feel protected.

Mindfulness Journals

While we swiftly make a shift between professional tasks and personal life commitments, it becomes imminent to take out time for self-care. Mindfulness journals are one such necessity which allow us to get a grip on our thoughts and concerns and leave us feeling lighter during a coffee break. Indulge yourself by picking up journals which appeal to your senses and add a bit of glitter and colour for the much needed pick-me-up!

Aromatic Tea

There’s no denying that aromatic teas have a charm of their own. These loose leaf teas hold the potential to make you feel alive on the dullest of day. They can bring warmth during cool winter evenings and make for a cooling beverage during hot summer days. An aromatic tea brew is truly happiness in a cup and is the perfect recuperation remedy you need when things are too hectic at work.