Stress triggers for children

By Dr. Khushboo Thakker Garodia

New Delhi, Dec 21 : Children are as susceptible to stress as adults. While adults can process their stress better, sometimes a child may experience stress but may not be able to express themselves adequately. Even small changes can impact a child’s feelings of safety and security.

They may present with

Physical Symptoms like

. Change in appetite

. Headache

. Bedwetting

. Nightmares

. Sleep disturbances

. Stomach aches

. Feeling cold

. Teeth grinding

. Nail biting

. Sweaty palms and soles

. Other physical symptoms with no actual physical illness

Emotional symptoms like

. a sudden change in attitude,

. withdrawing from family and friends,

. excessive crying for no reason,

. difficulty in concentration,

. extreme clinginess to the parent,

. aggression

. anxiety,

. New found fears

. temper tantrums

Some of the commonly known triggers in children include:

. Arrival of a new sibling

. Change in routine

. Unfamiliar situation

. Delay in milestones

. Pandemic – that stopped the world

. Starting school

. Changing schools

. Learning difficulties

. Conflict with friends

. Bullying

. Moving to a new location

. Tight schedules leaving no time to play

. Illness / Death of family members

. Relationship issues between parents / Divorce

. Financial problems in the family

. Going through bodily changes (noticed mainly during adolescence)

. Unable to cope with pressure from self / parent / peer / school

. Illness or Hospitalization

. If your child has had a stressful week and the anxiety goes away once things have calmed down, then it’s normal. Children have their own methods of coping, but if the stress is significant, frequent, or doesn’t go away, that’s when it’s time to seek help.

You can help your child by learning to recognise the signs of stress and teaching them healthy ways to deal with it. Children learn how to respond to stress as they grow and develop.

(Dr. Khushboo Thakker Garodia, Homeopath, Trichologist, Nutrition & Stress Management Expert)