Amazon faces backlash for selling products with Tricolour imprint

New Delhi, Jan 25 : As the country gears up to celebrate its 73th Republic Day, e-commerce giant Amazon is facing backlash on micro-blogging site Twitter for selling products having the Indian National Flag imprinted on them.

With the Tricolour imprint products, including clothing, face masks, keychains, etc., available on the platform, several users took to Twitter to share their outrage for disrespecting Indian sentiments.

Amazon faces backlash for selling products with Tricolour imprint.

“We demand that you immediately take down the offending items and stop hosting such items on your online store or face a boycott!!” a user wrote on Twitter.

“Amazon has often insulted India’s tricolour flag by selling shoes, shoes and toilet seat covers, masks, etc,” another user wrote, with a hashtag #Amazon_Insults_National_Flag.

Several users reported that the tech giant is selling shoes with Tricolour imprints on them.

“Let us respect the sacrifices made by our National heroes who laid their lives for the freedom of India. Let us unitedly oppose the denigration of our National Flag,” another user wrote.

“Let us boycott these products on Amazon,” it added.

Few users also pointed out that using the flag on several products is against the flag code of India.

“The Flag shall not be used as a portion of a costume or uniform of any description. It shall not be embroidered or printed upon cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins or boxes,” as per the code.

However, this is not the first time that the tech giant has faced such an allegation.

Previously, Amazon’s US website marketed Indian Tricolour-themed shoes and metal hoops for shoelaces.