ICAI Ahmedabad organises ‘Super Mega Career Council’

Over 2500 higher secondary students of Ahmedabad schools get goosebumps to learn that they can well be next CAs of our country 


Ahmedabad, Nov 26: It was a unique gathering of over 2500 young students of higher secondary schools of Ahmedabd on Saturday morning. Occasion was the “Super Mega Career Council” a programme aimed at ‘building awareness towards profession’. CA Bishan Shah– Chairperson, CA Samir Chaudhary – treasurer of the Ahmedabad branch of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) along with CA Aniket Talati (Vice President ICAI), CA Hansh Raj Chugh – CCM & Chairman, Committee on Career Counselling, CA Purushottam Khandelwal – CCM & Chairman, Committee on Career Counselling were instrumental in organising this useful event at the Gujarat University Convention Centre in Ahmedabad. Providing details of the programme Bishan Shah stated that the students of class 10 to 12 of various schools of Ahmedabad were invited to attend this Council so that they carry a better understanding and preference towards this smart and important profession of our society. Replying to BILKUL Bishan said that there was a bright scope for youngsters to join this field which is so important in nation building and managing businesses and governance systematically.

At present , he said 60 per cent of UK population pays taxes while in our country the tax is paid by just a mere population of 6 per cent., despite the fact that it should be much bigger. Similarly there is an acute shortage of such professionals also, insisted Shah who clarified that Gujarat had 11250 CA professionals whereas the demand was of 12200. On national arena there are around 3.5 lakhs of CAs against a requirement of atleast double of their number. Also, with our economy marching ahead means the need of more CAs is evident. Bishan also informed the media that “the ICAI had submitted their requests to the Parliament for approval. One, to allow the ICAI to shorten the CA course by one year, thus making it a four year course instead of five. Two, confer a degree to a student pursuing CA after he/she completes the Foundation stage. We await the outcome from the Parliament” Shah added. CA Samir Chaudhary – treasurer of ICAI Ahmedabad branch pointed out that there was need to focus and concentrate on the study while the student enters the course.

Consistency and dedication to complete it with desire to succeed usually gets hampered by students getting diverted to other short term ideas or distraction of other interests, since there is no ‘short cut’ to ‘success’ but sheer hard work and sincerity.

District Education Officer R M Chaudhary who was the Chief Guest of the function emphasised the dedication and focus required to become a CA by citing the example of an eagle. An eagle he said will pull its talons and when new talons grow back the eagle starts plucking its old aged feathers and after five months the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for 30 more years. Interestingly, the ICAI’s symbol is also an eagle.