“Umashankar Joshi Memorial Lecture” in Ahmedabad on Dec 10

Trustees of Gangotri Trust, Abhijit Joshi, Swati Joshi and Manishi Jani (Lto R) briefed the media (top)

Eminent feminist writer V Geetha to address on ‘Dravidian and Different? What women writers have to say’


Ahmedabad, Dec 8: Gangotri Trust has organised the noteworthy ‘Umashankar Joshi Memorial Lecture’ on


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Umashankar Joshi – Poet, Scholar and Writer of Gujarat

Eminent Tamil and English feminist writer and social historian V Geetha will deliver lecture on “Dravidian and Different? What women writers have to say?”

The programme will held at Ahmedabad Management Association at 6:00 pm.

Providing details about the programme, Swati Joshi, Trustee, Gangotri Trust said “V.Geetha is an eminent Tamil and English feminist writer and social historian based at Chennai. She is also a translator and publisher at Tara Books. She has written in Tamil and English on important subjects like gender, labour, cast, civil rights and education. Her published work includes Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and the question of socialism in India; Undoing Impunity: Speech after sexual violence; and (with S Rajadurai) Towards a Non Brahmin millennium; From Iyothee Thas to Periyar”.

V Geetha :Tamil and English feminist writer and social historian

Abhijit Joshi, a lwayer and another trustee of Gangotri Trust while speaking to BILKUL explained that “the courage, convictin and force in the literary work of legendary Umashankar Joshi was beyond the limits and boundaries of Gujarat. He touched imortant and relevant issues of the soicety which are gneerally avoided by others and are left unaddresed.  Umashankarji had strength to speak about it thorugh his powerful words. We, in the trust are translating his work in different languages and have been able to digitalise it . It is a continuous process and we are willing to reach out to the youngsters of the country and all those who can make a difference to the society by getting inspiration from his work. We have initiated the lecture series since 2011 except for two Covid hit years”.

Manishi Jani, known poet and social activist who is also a trustee emphasised the need to keep the society aware and awake about the wrong doings and ill practices that were loudly voiced by late Umashakar Joshi through his acclaimed literary contribution to Gujarati literature and were applauded by the nation and overseas.

Umashankar Jethalal Joshi (21 July 1911 – 19 December 1988) was an Indian poet, writer, scholar and a staunch Gandhian known for his contribution to Gujarati literature belonged to India and penned his voice against the evils of the society.