10 easy hairstyles to try with straighteners


It would be a fool’s errand to try to convince a woman of how important her hair is in deciding her overall appearance. After all, we frequently regard our hair as one of our most prized assets, and it necessitates careful maintenance. We are here to allay your concerns if you want to maintain your uniqueness while staying in style constantly.

Check out some cool hairstyles penned by Vipul Chudasama, the Creative Director of Ikonic Professional to try with a Straightener:


Move a portion of the head from ear to ear, beginning with the area directly behind, and moving through the sections horizontally until you reach the top of the head. Never accept a piece that is wider than the plate. Comb after applying a heat protection spray. Pull the comb steadily and gently from root to tip while using the hair straightening machine. To make the sides smooth, slightly squeeze them.


Make a broad vertical cut, keeping your forehead away from the blade. With the bottom of the hair styler pointing up, begin near the root and twist in a 360-degree motion. We’ll begin in the upper portion at the cheekbone level. When you’re finished, roughen it up but make the waves look messy and tousled by rubbing them with your fingertips. For a matte finish, use a salt spritz or dry shampoo.


For Look 2, follow the same procedures, but don’t rough up the ripples. To join the shaft into one unit, divide the dressing or paddle brush with a gloss spray, then brush the shaft.


This is an excellent method to get a blow dryer to bounce. To lift the route, rotate the styler 360 degrees starting at the route and draw it up. Harden the hair after fixing it. Take it down and give it a paddle stroke once more.


Make a random braid in a section of hair, leaving 12 inches of root resistance. Hairspray should be lightly misted before being allowed to dry. The plait should be flattened, lifted several times, and allowed to settle. Finger through each braid to untangle it.

Sort the hair into the bottom or the centre. Straighten like you’re doing your hair. Brush the hair with your head tilted back, then tie a ribbon around it. To produce a chic flick at the tip, rotate a random section of hair 180 degrees in various directions around the styler. To give the shiny stems a double texture, matte them with sea salt spray.


Start by taking a small, horizontal piece of your straight hair. Using a short clip, thread the hair through the S-shaped styler beginning near the root. Clamp the hair in position. For the ideal finger wave, give the corners a twist. To make a faux bob, lightly brush your hair with a paddle brush and pin both ends up and down.


The styler should be positioned at the eye line, held at a 45-degree angle, and clamped crosswise across a sizable, haphazard vertical section of hair. After clamping the hair, spin the hair styler 180 degrees in the opposite direction, then leave it alone for another second. Then, bring the hair down 2 inches and repeat the process. Repetition will give the ends of the hair a messy appearance. To give the hair a dirty texture, rub the ends and massage the roots. For a matte finish, use dry shampoo or marine salt spray.


Consider a straight segment. The curl’s girth determines the size. From the tip upward, curl the hair around the two fingers. Pull out the last hair by pushing it between your fingertips. With the aid of a hair straightener, secure it while chilling. In the other parts, repeat. With your finger, loosen it, then smooth it.


Are you prepared for a two-minute life-changing hack? Twist the hair into two parts before lowering the heat on the curling irons to give the curls a lovely beach texture. You could also braid your hair and then set the curls with a flat iron.