NSE launches 13 new commodity derivatives contracts on October 16, 2023


Mumbai, Oct 16: National Stock Exchange (NSE) is pleased to announce the launch of 13 new commodity derivatives contracts on October 16, 2023. With this launch, NSE offers 28 products in the Commodity Derivatives Segment. 

The 13 new derivatives contracts include:

  • ‘Option on Futures’ on Gold 1kg Futures, Gold Mini Futures, Silver Mini Futures, Copper Futures and Zinc Futures
  • Gold Guinea (8 grams) Futures, Aluminium Futures, Aluminium Mini Futures, Lead Futures, Lead Mini Futures, Nickel Futures, Zinc Futures and Zinc Mini Futures

Over the last few days, the Exchange has launched 6 new derivatives contracts:

  • WTI Crude Oil – Mini Futures and Options on Futures contract
  • Natural Gas – Mini Futures and Options on Futures contract
  • Silver – Mini Futures and Micro futures contracts

The Exchange already had commodity contracts on Gold 1kg Futures, Gold Mini Futures, Gold Petal Futures (1 gram), Silver 30 Kg futures, Silver 30 Kg Option on Goods, WTI Crude Oil Futures, Natural Gas Futures, Brent Crude Oil Futures and Copper Futures.

The Exchange has seen increased interest from participants in its Commodity Derivatives Segment, with the launch of new products, particularly the derivatives on WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas. Participation is observed from diverse categories of participants including Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) and Domestic Mutual funds.

The Exchange has set up dedicated teams to provide ease of onboarding for new trading members, segmental enablement for existing trading members and other operational process such as algorithmic trading approvals for providing ease and seamless experience.

Sriram Krishnan, Chief Business Development Officer, NSE said: “We are pleased to announce expansion of our product offerings in the Commodity Derivatives Segment. With the launch of 13 new products today, futures and options on all key products in Energy, Bullion and Base Metals

category are available on NSE platform. This will enable participants to efficiently manage their risk across commodities on the exchange platform.”