Vadodara boat tragedy: Gujarat HC seeks answers from authorities


Gandhinagar, Jan 22 : The Gujarat High Court on Monday ordered an inquiry into the January 18 boat capsize incident at Harni Lake in Vadodara which claimed the lives of 14 students and two teachers.

The court has demanded a detailed report from the state government on enforcing safety regulations and the accountability of those responsible for the tragedy.

A bench led by Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha P Mayee, expressed grave concerns about the blatant violation of safety norms, noting the overloading on boat, and the absence of life jackets for passengers.

The inquiry was ordered following reports that the boat, designed for 16, tragically capsized under the weight of 27 occupants.

The court has directed the Secretary of the Gujarat Home Department to furnish a detailed action-taken report.

This report, to be affirmed by a Gazetted Officer of the Home Department, is expected to clarify the measures implemented post-incident.

This incident has thrown focus on the safety practices at popular recreational sites like Harni Lake, prompting a re-evaluation of protocols to prevent similar occurrences.

The court has set a deadline for the submission of the action-taken report, emphasising the urgency of rectifying the failures that led to the accident.