Shree Mahudi Jain Trust Refutes Embezzlement Allegations in Press Conference

Trustees Dismiss Members Amidst Scandal, Present Audit Reports to Prove Integrity

Ankit Shrenikbhai Mehta and Jayeshbhai Mehta, who falsely claimed to be trustees, were dismissed along with six other members for defaming the trust

The trust provided audited balance sheets from 2012-2023 to counter allegations of mishandling 130 kg gold and 14 crores of rupees, emphasizing their commitment to transparency and proper management

Ahmedabad, May 26: In a press conference held today, the trustees of Shree Mahudi (Madhupuri) Jain Shwetambar Murthipujak Trust Sangh, along with members of the Mehta, Vora, and Shah families, addressed allegations made against them. The conference was organized to refute false claims and clarify the trust’s position.

The trustees clarified that Ankit Shrenikbhai Mehta and Jayeshbhai Mehta are not trustees but ordinary members of the Sangh. The two individuals have allegedly misrepresented themselves as trustees, misleading devotees and defaming the trust. Consequently, in a special general meeting held at Mahudi Tirth, Ankit Shrenikbhai Mehta, Jayeshbhai Babulal Mehta, and six other members who supported them were dismissed from the general membership of the Mahudi Sangh.

A key allegation against the trust involved the mishandling of 130 kg of gold and 14 crores of rupees. Trustees firmly denied this, emphasizing that the trust conducts regular audits of all donations, including gold and silver. The balance sheets and audit reports from 2012 to 2023 were presented to substantiate these claims.

Regarding accusations of financial misconduct during the COVID-19 pandemic, trustees challenged the accusers to present evidence. They reaffirmed their commitment to transparency and proper management, with trustee Bhupendrabhai Vora declaring that if any mismanagement or embezzlement of even 1 gram of gold is proven, he would withdraw from public life.

Trustees highlighted that all expenses for the use of trust facilities are borne by the trustees themselves. During the opening of the Mahudi Tirtha storehouses, a minimum of 20 to 25 employees and 8 to 10 union members are present, with everything monitored by CCTV and accounted for in the balance sheet.

The trust also disclosed past incidents involving Nilesh Mehta and Sunil Mehta, family members of Ankit Mehta and Jayesh Mehta, who were caught stealing from the Bhandar at Mahudi Tirth in 2023. These individuals were promptly removed from the trust, and the allegations made by Ankit Mehta and Jayesh Mehta were seen as retaliatory actions.

Trustees assured the public of the trust’s integrity and transparency, noting that all administrative actions and donations are recorded and audited annually. They invited anyone with doubts to review the trust’s records, which are available at the trust’s office.