Bosch Power Tools introduces World’s-First innovative system

The X –Lock to fix and change angle grinder accessories with just one click


    • This innovation offers optimum convenience, precision, safety allowing a secure fit and robust system with no losable parts and low force accessory switch 
    • Featuring 5x faster accessory change and flat grinding to improve productivity and reduce downtime with just one click
    •  Supports a new generation of corded and cordless angle grinders and over 130 different accessories to      deal with every application and user need

Bengaluru, November 25: Today, Bosch Power Tools, a global leader for power tools and power tool accessories, has announced the launch of X-LOCK in India, its patented new innovative system for quick and keyless changing of accessories. This ultimate changing solution helps switch angle grinder accessories with just one click, allowing up to 5x faster accessory swap thereby facilitating greater convenience while ensuring matchless safety and user experience.

While conventional systems require additional tools in order to change accessories, Bosch’s patent innovation, X-LOCK, provides a convenient, easy way to do it. Not only does this system process a wheel switch up to five times faster than traditional interfaces, it also allows optimum comfort to users by ensuring no losable parts, and real tool-free and low force switch even when the disc is jammed. This helps users working with angle grinders get the job done faster, thereby improving their productivity and ensuring a better lifestyle. Additionally, the audible snap while mounting an X-LOCK wheel or the active response of ‘click and feel’, helps users understand that the disc has been fastened securely, eliminating the possibility of wrong mounting, adding a new layer of safety, efficiency and peace of mind at the job site.

Presently, Bosch provides the widest range of accessories in the market, which covers all applications and user needs. The new patented X-LOCK system and accessory range is 100% compatible with all 5’’ angle grinders, making Bosch the new standard in the market, while providing license to other brand products as well.

X-LOCK offers several benefits and features:

  • Convenience – Easy change of grinder accessories without any losable parts or additional mounting equipment – up to 5 times faster compared to conventional changing solutions
  • Comprehensive Cover- A huge range of grinders and accessories to cope with all kinds of tasks
  • Reliability – Prevents wrong way of mounting even for directional accessories such as diamond discs
  • Compatibility – With the larger X-LOCK accessory range
  • X-BRAKE – The grinder comes with an X-Brake, which helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel (halt disc in less than 1 second) when the switch is turned off

Designed to offer utmost comfort and control to trade professionals, X-LOCK is more than just a power tool. It is a new system that resets the benchmark in performance, ease and safety of job-site tools.” said Nishant Sinha, Regional Business Director, Bosch Power Tools for India & SAARC. “If you are an angle grinder user, you definitely know the pain area of changing accessories the conventional way. Through our innovation, we wanted to deliver simplicity with a compact, ergonomic feel, while optimising productivity, convenience, safety and efficiency for professionals and users. The X-LOCK assortment is constantly growing and with this first of its kind solution, we are now paving the way for smart and secure experiences for industries and workers.

Previously, angle grinders had to be used at a specific angle, otherwise, the clamping nuts would scratch the surface hindering the quality of work. Now users can enjoy flat & smooth grinding, with reduced downtime and improved productivity with just one click, eliminating the need for re-work. The ergonomic compact and simple design makes it possible to work in tight spaces. X-LOCK is a secure and robust system that has been successfully tried under tough conditions passing all types of tests including practical, endurance, climatic and drop-test, among others.

In India, we have launched a corded GWX 17-125 with a 5″ Wheel capacity and 1700W Motor Angle Grinder along with X-lock accessories which mainly covers 5″ Grinding & Cutting Wheels, Flap disc, Diamond wheel and even wire brush. By 2022, we are planning to launch a cordless tool, GWX 18V-125, a 5″ Angle grinder and tool which can be used with all X-lock accessories that are already available in the Indian market.