India’s Film Poster Heritage Online Auction

New Delhi, April 14 : deRivaz&Ives inaugural of The India’s Film Poster Heritage Online Auction was a success, setting new records for many of the iconic images of Indian cinema, with many lots exceeding 50 bids in the intense battle to own a small part of India’s crumbling and fragile paper-based cinematic heritage.

There was fierce competition for the iconic items, but interest was low for many lesser-known films and designs. The competition between a handful of film buffs – a few from the fraternity, some based in India, some simply respectful of the fragile poster heritage – resulted in some unexpected tussles such as Khel Khel Mein (1973), Shatranj Ke Khilari (1978), and the four iconic photographic images of Amitabh Bachchan on there-release lobby cards of Deewaar (1975).

Dev Anand’s lesser-known films, such as ‘Aandhiyan’ (1952), ‘House No.44’ (1955), and ‘Manzil’ (1960), all broke records, as did ‘Tarana’ (1951), ‘Khamoshi’ (1969), ‘Aavishkar’ & ‘Majboor’ (1974), ‘Mili’ (1975), and ‘Laila Majnu’ (1976).

India's Film Poster Heritage Online Auction.(photo:IANSLIFE)

“We are pleased with our inaugural auction on India’s film poster heritage. It is always good to establish new world records in a relatively nascent and small market. Naturally, the market is rapidly growing with interest from England, Singapore, Dubai, the USA and, naturally, India. However, the participation of the film fraternity will need to improve if the preservation efforts are to take a significant leap forward. I am sure our next auction will galvanise further interest, “stated Ambassador (Retd.) Niranjan Desai, Chief Spokesperson of deRivaz & Ives.

India's Film Poster Heritage Online Auction.(photo:IANSLIFE)India's Film Poster Heritage Online Auction.(photo:IANSLIFE)


1. MotherIndia – one-Sheeter first release poster – 425,600

2. Mughal-e-Azam – three-Sheeter first release poster – 380,800

3. Deewaar- Four photographic prints on re-release lobbycard-358,400

4. Mughal-e-Azam – two-Sheeter first release poster-291,200

5. Awara – one-sheeter original release poster-179,200

6. Khel Khel Mein – one-Sheeter original release poster – 179,200