Gujarat Govt denies National Institute of Design’s request for permanent land lease

Ahmedabad, July 11: The National Institute of Design (NID) in Paldi, Ahmedabad, has hit a roadblock in its bid to secure a permanent lease for the adjacent plot of land on the Sabarmati riverfront.

The state government has turned down NID’s proposal for the coveted space.

Spanning 5,632 square meters, the plot is owned by the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL), a joint venture between the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and the state government.

This land is classified as open space under the town planning scheme.

The NID has been paying monthly rent for the plot over the past three years and had sought a 99-year lease.

The AMC referred the NID’s request to the state government, which in turn asked NID to comply with the terms of the Land Disposable Policy.

According to the policy, the NID would be required to pay the market value for the land.

However, the NID did not respond to the government’s offer or raise any concerns.

Consequently, the state government rejected the NID’s proposal and instructed them to continue utilising the land on a rental basis.