L&T STEM Fest to be hosted in Hazira, Gujarat


Surat, Dec 28 : L&T, in association with the Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) and the American India Foundation (AIF), will be hosting a two-day ‘L&T STEM Fest’ at Hazira in Surat, Gujarat on 28–29 December. The Fest brings together L&T’s expertise in CSR projects and VASCSC drive in science outreach.

The two-day regional Fest is aimed at the advancement of STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among the students of government-run schools. Vadodara, Coimbatore, Chennai and Mumbai will also witness similar regional fests over the next one month, followed by a National STEM Challenge to be hosted in Mumbai in February.

The regional fests are designed to give educators and students an immersive learning experience in STEM. The winners will get an opportunity to participate in the National STEM Challenge.                                                                                     

Commenting on the initiative,  Sanjay Desai, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer -Hazira Central Services, L&T, said: “At L&T, we believe that enthusiastic teachers plant the seeds of innovation in the classroom. At L&T STEM Fest, creativity and curiosity will be kindled through the collective wisdom of VASCSC and the unwavering dedication of AIF. The event symbolises our commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and learning excellence.”

Dilip Surkar, Executive Director, VASCSC, stated: “As we stand on the threshold of the L&T STEM Fest at Hazira, Surat, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the participating students. We urge each participant to relish the experience, embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm, and let their creative spirit thrive. We look forward to inspiring more and more young minds on this remarkable STEM journey.”

The Fest is part of ‘Engineering Futures’, a STEM Education Initiative of L&T CSR, implemented in 203 government schools since 2019, reaching out to 38,000+ students in 6th- 8th grades in 2023. The initiative aims to make Science and Math fun and emphasizes learning by doing. Teachers in government schools receive special training in using technology and innovative methods to teach STEM subjects. This helps them make everyday lessons more engaging and encourages students to understand Science and Math through practical projects, like building STEM models.

Key Event Highlights:

Diverse Competitions: The Fest will host a range of competitions, including the STEM Challenge, Design Challenge (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Science Art, Science Elocution, and Science Quiz, challenging the intellect and creativity of students. Expert panels will judge each competition, providing participants with opportunities to showcase their skills and learn from their peers. The competition winners will receive attractive prizes and the opportunity to participate in the National Level STEM Challenge in Mumbai.

Engaging Workshops: VASCSC subject experts and educators will conduct workshops for students, covering various STEM topics such as Astronomy and Model Rocketry, offering hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom.

Inspiring Science Shows: Captivating science shows covering concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Robotics will be presented, allowing students to witness the wonders of science in action. These shows aim to kindle curiosity and foster a passion for learning. 

Exhibition for Students: A curated exhibition will showcase innovative projects, models, paintings, and ideas from participating students. The exhibition space will also feature stalls from various exhibitors focusing on science and technology. This platform encourages knowledge sharing and collaborative learning. 

Learning Environment: The fest aims to create a conducive environment for learning and exploration, offering participants the chance to learn and gain insights from esteemed dignitaries and STEM experts.

Participation Details: Approximately 1200 students from grades 6 to 8, along with 200 accompanying teachers representing 52 schools from the surrounding areas of Hazira, Surat, will participate in the L&T STEM Fest, bringing together a diverse group of students and educators.