Som Lalit School organises ‘Solace-2023-24 Kaleidoscope’ annual exhibition


Ahmedabad, Dec 28: Som Lalit School’s annual exhibition, SOLACE-2023-24 KALEIDOSCOPE was held on Wednesday. It was a spectacular display of creativity and talent by SLites.

This year’s theme was to celebrate the rich and vibrant art forms from around the world. The exhibition was aimed at cherishing the beauty of art in all its forms.  There was melodious music,  frolic dance moves, captivating  drama, and the craftsmanship in art and craft pieces, reflecting the dedication and passion of budding artists.

KALEIDOSCOPE was a  wonderful celebration of creativity and it cherished the boundless imagination and skill of SLites. 

With the display of art,  this exhibition  inspired us to appreciate, respect, and celebrate the beauty in diversity. 

All the students who poured their hearts and souls into creating magnificent art pieces and for adorable performances with artistic expressions were appreciated by the proud parents.

It was the result of the combined effort put in by the teachers, parents and students.  Teachers tirelessly  nurtured and guided the budding artists to unleash their creative potential. And parents supported them throughout the process.

It was a grand success and memories will always be cherished.