MoU inked between QCI & KVIC to enhance quality of Khadi products

This would empower Khadi Artisans, and introduce ‘Made in India’ Label for Khadi


Ahmedabad, Jan 3: The Quality Council of India (QCI) and the Khadi Village & Industries Commission (KVIC) embarked on a ground breaking collaboration to enhance the quality of Khadi products.

It is aimed at empowering the artisans, and introduce ‘Made in India’ label for Khadi, realizing the vision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for promoting Khadi as a symbol of self-reliance and sustainable development.

The MoU was signed at Kochrab Ashram, Ahmedabad on Wednesday, symbolizing the significance of Khadi and Mahatma Gandhi, who popularized it as a symbol of India’s struggle for independence and a means of empowering rural India. The exchange of MoU took place in the distinguished presence of Jaxay Shah, Chairperson, QCI and Manoj Kumar, Chairperson, KVIC. The collaboration between QCI and KVIC, aimed at paving the path for a Viksit Bharat, is focussed to enhance the overall quality ecosystem, ensuring that Khadi not only retains its timeless appeal but also becomes a global symbol of quality and sustainability.

QCI will extend its support to KVIC by enhancing the quality of Khadi and Khadi & Village Industries products through various interventions including third party assessment frameworks, empowering the artisans through various interventions including capacity building to improve their productivity and earning potential and promote Khadi products, both domestically and internationally.

In addition to this, this collaboration will also introduce the ‘Made in India’ label for Khadi, which will bring significant boost to the Khadi industry as a whole in terms of increased production and sale of Khadi products as a symbol of quality across the globe. Furthermore, it will also bring about a number of benefits for Khadi artisans, including increased income; more productivity and efficiency by equipping them with enhanced skills and knowledge; new employment opportunities and certainly, a greater recognition.

On this momentous occasion, Jaxay Shah, Chairperson, QCI, stated that “It is a moment of immense pride to partner with KVIC to enhance the quality of Khadi and KVIC products and empower the artisans involved because Khadi is not just an industry but a symbol of India’s culture and heritage. In the words of Gandhi Ji, Khadi isn’t a piece of cloth but an ideology of self-reliant India. Khadi also represents India’s cultural identity, craftsmanship, and sustainability, however, today; it stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. When today, we are working towards achieving the goal of Viksit Bharat; this collaboration will certainly contribute to retain the essence of Khadi while forging a path for larger global recognition.”

During the event,  Manoj Kumar, Chairperson, KVIC, said, “Khadi is India’s hand woven symbol of self-reliance as well as sustainability. The industry has witnessed quite a phenomenal growth in production in the past few years with an astonishing growth of 268% from the year 2013-14 to 2022-23. While the sales surged by a staggering 332% growth in the same period. This robust growth translated into 9.54 lakh jobs in FY23 alone. Now, with this collaboration with QCI, we are confident that Khadi industry and artisans associated with it will witness more recognition and more inclination of consumers towards Khadi.”