Guj CM Bhupendra Patel to grace the 10th mass marriage ceremony encompassing 1200 weddings organized by Faizan Organization of Ahmedabad

Faizan Organization- Education India Public Trust has earlier held nine such functions in Gujarat besides undertaking notable educational, welfare and medical activities across Gujarat


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Feb 19: “Marriages are made in heaven, but maintained on earth” saying is often used to encourage, assist and provide some practical ways that couples as well as those who are considering this holy union, may employ to enrich their marriages and thus stay together for a lifetime.  However, when it comes to reality the less privileged sections of society finds it immensely difficult to get their children married. On such occasions the idea of mass marriage is a boon.

In one such instance, 1200 weddings (Nikah) of Muslim girls and boys are going to take place at the River Front Event Centre, Sabarmati River Front, Paldi in Ahmedabad. This mass marriage function will be held on 21st February, at 4 p.m. 500 couples to get married are from Ahmedabad alone while others are from the other parts of Gujarat.

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Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel would grace his presence and bless the couples at the function. Hazrat Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Hanif Saheb Luharvi, DA BA and Hazrat Maulana Ubedullah Khan Saheb Azmi, Former Member of Parliament and Hazrat Maulana Kari Ehsan Mohsin Shah, DA BA and Dr. Farooq Patel Chairman, K.P. Group of Industry of Surat and Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Saheb Sarodi DA BA, Inamulbhai Iraqi, Vice President Education India Public Trust and Kiritbhai Solanki, MP and Jagdishbhai Panchal, Minister of Gujarat and other senior leaders and dignitaries will attend the function and share the joy of the wedding ceremony.

Maulana Habib Ahmed  had initially conceived the idea which has today  reached a new height and has set an example to emulate in the society.

Inamul Iraqi while interacting with the media said “In this manner, when one to many couples get married at the same time, people save money, people do not become debtors, which is the spirit from which this idea came and we kept getting married one after another and people are also getting married with the same idea. Well-known personalities from the state and the country will be present here to bless the new couples with good ideas and to make their lives hopeful, successful and their homes run happily.

Mass marriages, where multiple couples get married simultaneously, can have several benefits, both for the couples involved and for the community as a whole. Some of the key benefits include cost-effectiveness, social cohesion, equal access to marriage, reduced societal pressure, and promotion of simplicity. Overall, mass marriages can be a practical and meaningful way to celebrate love and commitment while addressing some of the challenges associated with traditional wedding ceremonies”

Prominent NGO Issa Foundation is the sponsor and financial supporter of the event which is going to be recorded in the history of mass weddings at Ahmedabad. Besides a decent function the newly married couple will be gifted with a kit comprising of few essentials worth Rs 70,000 each.  

Inamul Iraqi, an industrialist (of German TMX Group) of Gujarat, Maulvi Sayeed Ahmed and Arif Falahi, Principal of Faizan School remained present and interacted with the media on Monday.


Faizan group is engaged in several making activities including the management of Faizan English and Gujarati Higher Secondary Schools, Jamia Faizanul Quran University, Lokhandwala General Hospital and more.

Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab are expected to remain present at the mass marriage to add to the celebrity quotient.

All are warmly invited especially by Maulana Habib Ahmed and Maulana Fazal Ahmed.

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