Navy seizes 3,300 kg drugs from dhow in major operation

New Delhi, Feb 28 :  The Indian Navy has seized one of the largest drug consignments during a specialised operation from a dhow.

The officials said on Wednesday that in a successful coordinated operation at sea, Indian Navy in coordination with Narcotics Control Bureau apprehended a suspicious dhow carrying almost 3,300 kgs contraband. It includes 3,089 kgs Charas, 158 kgs Methamphetamine and 25 kgs Morphine — by far the largest in terms of quantity, in recent times.

Based on the input of P8I LRMR aircraft on surveillance mission, IN mission-deployed ship was diverted to intercept the suspicious dhow engaged in contraband smuggling.

The contraband along with the apprehended boat and crew were handed over to the Law Enforcement Agencies at an Indian port.

“The coordinated response of the Indian Navy with Law Enforcement Agencies is reflective of our resolute stance against narcotics trafficking in India’s maritime neighbourhood,” the official added.

In response to the ongoing maritime security situation in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy also undertook airborne insertion of Special Forces.


The Navy undertook the airborne insertion of Special Forces by paradropping inflatable crafts and MARCOs from C-130 aircraft in the Arabian Sea for continued Anti-Piracy Operations in the region, said the officials.

More details to follow.