How to Style Your Rug Like a Pro


Ahmedabad, Feb 28: Rugs play a crucial role in interior design, going beyond mere floor coverings to enhance the overall atmosphere of a space. They serve various functions, from providing comfort underfoot to defining areas within a room and elevating its aesthetic appeal. The right rug can add luxury, energy, and pleasure to a room in ways that other elements cannot match.


Anushka Ahuja, Founder of Studio by Agni, emphasizes the importance of investing in luxury fabrics. While these come at a higher cost, factors like material, size, design, style, and function all contribute to their pricing. Therefore, careful consideration and selection are essential to ensure that these rugs make a statement and blend seamlessly into the overall home decor.

When styling rugs, it’s crucial to consider some basic principles. Anushka advises against choosing rugs that are too small for a space, as they can make a room feel unbalanced. Instead, opt for larger rugs that cover the floor well and accommodate all elements in the room, providing a cohesive foundation that ties everything together.

Rugs are particularly useful in open spaces, where they can define areas and create a sense of structure. Placing a rug under a dining table, for example, separates it from the rest of the room. In the living area, a well-placed rug can define the space and guide traffic, adding both style and functionality to the room’s layout.

Rugs are versatile in their purpose and can tie together the aesthetic of a room. They can even be used as art on the walls, adding depth, texture, and visual splendor to any space. Anushka suggests thinking beyond the traditional use of rugs and exploring the possibilities of using them as stunning wall hangings to create a unique art gallery wall that reflects your style.


Whether adorned with bold patterns, vibrant colors, or intricate designs, rugs can draw attention and inject personality into a space. They have the potential to make a home visually appealing and welcoming, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In conclusion, Anushka emphasizes that rug styling is key to unleashing the full potential of your living space, making a statement both aesthetically and functionally.