o2h Group’s 6th Collaborative Innovation conference sparks cross-sector idea exchange

Leaders from Science, Technology, and Business Converge at o2h Group’s Innovation Conference

o2h Group’s Innovation Conference Catalyzes Breakthroughs in Life Science and Tech


Ahmedabad, March 15: The 6th o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference, hosted by the o2h Group in Ahmedabad, India, and Cambridge, UK, brought together a diverse group of participants to stimulate discussions and foster collaborative innovation.

The event featured engaging sessions on topics such as free trade, India’s role in the global biotech ecosystem, advancements in cancer research, and the future of generative AI. Prashant Shah, Co-founder of the o2h group, highlighted the importance of collaboration in driving innovation, emphasizing the need to cross boundaries for exciting new ideas.

Esteemed speakers, including British Deputy High Commissioner Stephen Hickling and Dr. Anasuya Bhadalkar from the Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, shared their insights at the conference.

Prashant Shah, Co-founder of the o2h group, emphasized the importance of collaboration, stating, “Innovation is the force that powers new ideas for the way we live.” The event also featured fireside chats with triathlon coach Ingit Anand and Rashmi Barbhaiya, co-founder of Advinus Therapeutics, a Tata group-promoted pharma research company, adding depth to the discussions.

The o2h Group, known for nurturing and investing in emerging life science and tech companies, continues to promote new ideas in biotech, techbio, and green innovation. Prashant Shah further reflected on the conference’s impact, stating, “We are passionate about playing our part in the creation of a collaborative community of innovators connecting Ahmedabad, Cambridge (UK), and Boston.” The conference aimed to inspire collective innovation across various sectors, with leaders from science, technology, and business converging to drive meaningful impact on society and the planet.