Information guide to be given to voters with voter information slip

Lucknow, March 25 : Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Electoral Officer, Navdeep Rinwa, said that Voter Information Slip will be issued to all voters registered in the electoral roll of Lok Sabha General Election-2024.

He said that on the front part of this slip, the part number and name in the electoral roll, serial number, name of the polling station and date of voting, QR code etc. will be mentioned.

On the reverse side of the slip, the map of the polling station and the name of the Booth Level Officer (BLO), the contact number of the BLO, details of the alternative document prescribed by the Commission for voting and other important instructions will be mentioned.

Along with the voter information slip, each family will also be given a colourful Voter Guide in Hindi.

The voter guide explains how voters can cast their vote through EVM through pictures and the facilities provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI) through apps like Saksham-ECI, Voter Helpline App, Know Your Candidate App and C-Vigil App. Requisite information has been given.

Along with this, information has been given about the facility of registration, voting, voting from home for disabled people and senior citizens, and postal ballot facility.

Ranwa further said that as per the instructions of the ECI, distribution of voter information slips to all the registered voters will be made available to all the voters from nine days before the date of voting to five days before the date of polling.

The voter information slip will be given by the BLO to the registered voter or any adult member of his family after getting the register signed.