CARS24 Launches its Driver on Demand Service – Autopilot


Gurugram, March 29: In a bold move that signifies its commitment to evolving alongside its customers’ needs, CARS24, India’s leading autotech giant, introduces Autopilot, a unique, transformative driver-on-demand service. This latest innovation underscores the brand’s dedication to becoming an all-encompassing hub for automotive solutions, ensuring unmatched convenience and comfort for car owners.

Autopilot is designed from the ground up with the customer in mind. Understanding the dynamic needs of today’s car owners, CARS24 has leveraged its deep insights into customer behaviour and preferences to craft a solution that addresses key pain points: the need for reliable, and on-demand driving assistance.

“Autopilot is our response to what our users have been seeking—a travel option that’s simpler, more enjoyable, and devoid of the usual chaos. We recognize that for many, the act of driving has shifted from a pleasure to a mere necessity. This is why we are launching Autopilot, not just as another service, but as a refreshing alternative. It’s about delivering ‘smiles per mile.’ 

For us, it means enhancing their journeys, ensuring they’re imbued with the distinct CARS24 touch. My commitment to our customers is clear: Autopilot is more than a route to their destination; it’s our way of making every part of their journey memorable and enjoyable.” said Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO, CARS24.

Autopilot eliminates the hassles associated with traditional driving solutions — no more worries about finding qualified drivers and managing them, or last-minute cancellations by cab drivers. With just a few taps on the CARS24 app, customers can now summon a professional driver to their location within minutes, ready to take them to their destination in the comfort and safety of their own cars. Starting at prices as low as INR 149 for an hour, Autopilot is set to transform how people think about and engage with personal transportation.

Autopilot will be launched initially in Gurgaon, and will go live in other major cities soon. According to CARS24, it is more than just a convenient travel option. It’s a movement towards safer roads, reducing incidents of drowsy and drunk driving, while simultaneously creating a substantial income source for professional drivers.

Beyond addressing immediate transportation needs, Autopilot represents CARS24’s vision for a comprehensive automotive ecosystem. Whether it’s dealing with traffic, finding parking, or navigating unfamiliar routes, Autopilot embodies the promise of hassle-free travel, making CARS24 your one stop solution for all auto-related needs. 

“We envision CARS24 not just as a platform for buying and selling cars, but as a holistic partner in the automotive journey of our customers,” added Chopra. “From quick city errands to leisurely weekend getaways, Autopilot is your trusted companion, ensuring every ride is a step towards a more connected, convenient, and enjoyable automotive experience.”

Embrace the future of driving with Autopilot. Available now on the CARS24 app, it’s not just a service but a revolution in personal mobility.  With Autopilot, get connected with professional and qualified drivers near you, and embark on journeys where fun and comfort take the front seat, powered by CARS24’s commitment to its users. For Gurugram car owners, there’s never been a better time to use the CARS24 app!