Revolutionizing Hypertension Care: Marengo CIMS hospital pioneers Renal Denervation Therapy

Marengo CIMS Hospital introduces Renal Denervation Therapy (RDN) to address unmanageable hypertension


Ahmedabad, March 29: Marengo CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad has achieved a significant milestone by launching Renal Denervation Therapy (RDN) to assist patients dealing with severe hypertension, a condition that is becoming increasingly prevalent among younger age groups in India.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is considered a complicating factor in surgeries and can lead to suboptimal outcomes. Marengo CIMS Hospital has been at the forefront of addressing this issue, having performed four of India’s first renal denervation procedures using the Simplicity Catheter in Ahmedabad as early as October 2013. Now, the hospital has adopted the innovative Simplicity Spyral Renal Denervation System, making it the first in Gujarat to do so.

The RDN procedure was spearheaded by Dr. Keyur Parikh, Chairman of Marengo CIMS Hospital, with support from Interventional Cardiologists Dr. Tejas V Patel and Dr. Vipul Kapoor. Dr. Parikh has completed one of the highest numbers of RDNs in India and had treated four cases 13 years ago using a different technology.

Renal Denervation Therapy offers a revolutionary approach to managing hypertension, providing new hope for patients with severe cases. By introducing RDT, Marengo CIMS Hospital aims to redefine hypertension management in the region and beyond.

Dr. Keyur Parikh emphasized the significance of RDN in hypertension management, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to medical excellence. He expressed optimism about the long-term benefits of RDT and its potential to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO of Marengo Asia Hospitals, praised the hospital’s dedication to innovation and advancing patient care. He emphasized the importance of managing hypertension, which has become a growing concern globally.

Dr. Tejas V Patel, Interventional Cardiologist, highlighted the prevalence of hypertension in India and its impact on treatment outcomes. He noted that RDN could address this issue effectively.

Dr. Vipul Kapoor, Interventional Cardiologist, described RDN as a new era in hypertension management, offering minimally invasive yet highly effective blood pressure control.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for death and disability worldwide. In India, the number of hypertensive patients is expected to double by 2025, making India the ‘hypertension capital of the world.’ Lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity play a significant role in the prevalence of hypertension, especially among the youth.

The introduction of RDN at Marengo CIMS Hospital signifies a significant advancement in the management of hypertension, offering hope to patients struggling with this condition.