NID Ahmedabad Celebrates World Environment Day with Tree Plantation Drive to “Restore the Earth”

World Environment Day Celebrations at NID Ahmedabad: A Call to Restore the Earth


Ahmedabad, June 5: The National Institute of Design (NID) marked World Environment Day with a special event that brought together students, faculty, and staff to emphasize the importance of environmental conservation.

This year’s theme, “Restore the Earth,” highlighted the significance of planting trees as a vital step towards ecological restoration.

Led by the Swacchata Pakhwada Committee, the celebration took place at Eames Plaza, near the Amphitheatre at NID Ahmedabad, and commenced at 5:00 PM. The event, an initiative by Team Horticulture and Landscape in collaboration with the Civil and Maintenance Department, was a resounding success.

Participants gathered to plant trees, underscoring the event’s core message as pointed out by Purandar Datta the PRO of NID,  that “each tree planted contributes to cleansing the air and addressing broader environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, land restoration, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity. The gathering fostered a sense of community and collective responsibility towards Mother Earth”.

The event served as a powerful reminder of the impact of individual actions on the environment. By planting trees, participants not only celebrated World Environment Day but also took tangible steps towards restoring the planet.

The UNEP has led World Environment Day celebrations since its inception in 1973, with support from various organizations, businesses, and government entities worldwide. NID’s observance of this day aligns with the global effort to engage and inspire communities to protect and restore the environment.

The event concluded with a renewed commitment from all attendees to continue their efforts in environmental conservation and to advocate for the importance of planting trees as a simple yet profound act of restoring the Earth.