Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University Marks 10th International Yoga Day with Vibrant Celebrations

100 Participants Attended the Yoga Day Celebration Organised by Aarihant Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Institute


Gandhinagar, June 21: Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University observed 10th International Yoga Day on Friday – June 21, with a grand celebration. The event, organised under the leadership of the Aarihant Ayurvedic Medical College Research Institute, was facilitated by the Swasthavritta and Yoga Department at the college campus. Some 100 participants, including staff, faculty and students participated in the event.

Observed on June 21, the International Yoga Day has a unique theme every year. The theme for 2024 is ‘Yoga for Self and Society’. Over the years, yoga has become widely popular across the globe, with people turning to Yoga Practice to improve their overall health and mental well-being.

Dr Sonali P Ladhi, Dr Tejal J Ganvit, Dr Dharmisha Kahdolia and Dr Chirag Vaghela from the department of Swasthavritta and Yoga facilitated the yoga session for the participants.

The celebration began at 9:30am with Dhanwantari Stavan, setting the tone of the event. This was followed by a series of loosening exercises and different yoga practices.

Participants practiced various asanas (postures), Kapalbhati (a form of pranayama focusing on rapid breathing techniques), and Pranayama (breath control exercises). Each of these practices were carried out under guidance of the facilitators.

The event also recognised outstanding performances for the 21-day Yoga Challenge organised by the university which included practicing yoga for 21 days, making posters on this year yoga theme, short film, among others. Amipara Bhargav and Sidhdhapura Purv of Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University were declared as the winners of the challenge and were awarded during the ceremony. The celebration concluded with a vote of thanks. & National Anthem.

“Yoga is an integral part of our cultural heritage, and its practice contributes immensely to the well-being of individuals. At Swarrnim, we are committed to integrating such holistic practices into our curriculum and daily life, ensuring our students and faculty benefit from the ancient wisdom of yoga,” said  Adi Jain, Vice President, Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University.