Pi42 Aims to onboard 6 lakh investors from Gujarat over the next 1 year

Aims to attract 4B USD worth of transactions from the state over the next 12 months


Ahmedabad, June 26: Pi42, India’s first Crypto-INR Perpetual Futures Exchange, aims to attract 6 lakh investors from Gujarat over the next one year. Capitalizing on the region’s growing participation in trading and investment activities including new-age asset classes, Pi42 endeavours to apprise investors about crypto derivatives trading, and the best practices that one can leverage for trading in crypto. The exchange aims to attract 4B USD worth of transactions from the state over the next 12 months.

Gujarat has been home to investors who are always enthusiastic about stock markets and interesting avenues of trading and investments. The number of active investors in the state surged to 18.17 lakh in December 2023 that represents a significant 13.9% of the total active investors in the country. This underscores the state’s prominent role in the national investment landscape.

Pi42 aims to create awareness among the state’s investor community about a new-age and innovative investment option i.e., crypto futures. Pi42 believes that now is the perfect time for investors to consider the advantages of crypto derivatives. The company aims to leverage this positive sentiment to onboard a substantial number of investors from the state, providing them with innovative investment solutions and comprehensive support to enhance their trading experience.

Reflecting on the evolving demographics in the stock markets, Avinash Shekhar, Co-Founder and CEO, Pi42, “Gujarat’s investors have shown immense confidence in the markets, and we are confident that investors in the city can greatly benefit from adding crypto derivatives to their portfolios. Crypto derivatives represent a new frontier in investment, offering diversification and potentially high returns. Our platform provides the necessary tools and insights to navigate this exciting asset class.”

Pi42 mission is to democratize access to innovative financial instruments and is committed to empowering investors about the benefits and risks associated with crypto derivatives. As the platform continues to expand its offerings, it remains dedicated to providing exceptional value to all investors across the board.

Key benefits of investing in crypto derivatives through Pi42 include:

Diverse Trading pairs: Pi42 now offers an extensive array of up to 55 live trading pairs wherein Doge, Shiba Inu and Matic are the most actively traded crypto pair among the investors.

Tax efficient trading ecosystem: Through Crypto-INR perpetual futures, users can engage in seamless trading without the necessity for VDA transactions, leading to significant savings on VDA taxes.

Safety and security: The exchange has received registration from The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), yet another key step in safeguarding the interest of the investors on its platform.