RRU Strengthens India-Mexico Law Enforcement Ties with Training Program


Ahmedabad, July 7:  Rashtriya Raksha University , pioneering security and police university of India, hosted a two-week training program for Mexican law enforcement officials from June 25, 2024, to July 5, 2024, under the ITEC framework of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. This initiative represents a significant stride towards bolstering international collaboration in the law enforcement and security domain.

The primary objective of this program was to elevate the competencies and proficiencies of Mexican senior law enforcement officials through shared learning experiences and the exchange of best practices.

A valedictory program was organized on July 5, 2024, where His Excellency Mr. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to India, was present and appreciated the activities and work carried out by RRU.

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor, RRU, joined the event through video conferencing and other university senior officials, including Prof. (Dr.) Kalpesh H. Wandra, Pro-Vice Chancellor, RRU; Mr. Sushil Goswami, Dean Academics, RRU; Maj Gen Deepak Mehra, Director of the School of Internal Security and SMART Policing (SISSP); and Mr. Ravish Shah, Head of the International Cooperation and Relations Branch (ICRB), RRU, were also present during the valedictory session of the two-week training program.

During the valedictory session, H.E. Mr. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to India, and the chief guest expressed his satisfaction with the training programme and requested the organization of similar programmes for Mexican officials in the near future. He conveyed his gratitude to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University for spearheading initiatives that leverage the university’s expertise to enhance the skills of their officials.

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor of RRU, underscored the enduring bond between India and Mexico, emphasizing their shared values and mutual respect through his video conferencing. He noted that this programme signifies another significant milestone in the longstanding relationship between the two countries, founded on common values, mutual respect, and a dedication to global peace and security. Prof. Patel elaborated on the historical alliance between India and Mexico, highlighting the substantial advancements achieved across various sectors, particularly in security cooperation.

He further emphasized the Prime Minister’s vision that “India and Mexico are bound by our joint aspirations for development and prosperity.” Their collaboration encompasses diverse areas such as trade and investment, science and technology, cultural exchange, and security cooperation, with the aim of fostering a safer and more prosperous world for their citizens.

Mr. Ravish Shah, Head of the Head International Cooperation and Relations Branch (ICRB), reported that to date, a total of 930 participants from 53 countries worldwide have undergone upskilling and capacity building programmes at the university over a period of approximately two and a half years through the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) initiative and in support of Ministry of External Affairs, India. This is a great contribution from RRU towards further strengthening the bilateral relationship between two countries.

During the two-week training programme, senior law officers from Mexico received comprehensive training in various fields from experts at the University. The training covered Police Reforms, Effective Police Interviewing Techniques, Surveillance and Monitoring Methodologies, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS), Predictive Analysis in Law Enforcement, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence, Cybersecurity, and Dark Web Operations.

India has significantly strengthened its relations with the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region, focusing on collaboration in various sectors, including internal security. The ties between India and LAC countries have been bolstered through high-level visits, bilateral agreements, and strategic dialogues. These partnerships have facilitated the exchange of best practices and technologies in areas such as counterterrorism, cyber security, drug trafficking, and transnational crime.

The collaboration extends to capacity building and training initiatives, similar to the current programme for Mexican officials. Such initiatives aim to enhance the operational capabilities of law enforcement agencies across the LAC region, fostering a shared commitment to global peace and security. The partnership with Mexico is a testament to this growing relationship, reflecting a mutual desire to address contemporary security challenges through cooperation and knowledge exchange.

As the training programme progresses, it is expected that the exchange of knowledge and expertise will significantly enhance the operational capabilities of the participating Mexican officials. The programme not only aims to impart advanced skills but also to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding between the law enforcement agencies of India and Mexico.