K-Pop girl group TRI.BE debut with two-song album


Feb 19:A new seven-member K-Pop girl group, TRI.BE, is set to make their debut with a two-song album titled TRI.BE Da Loca.

The group comprises Songsun, Jinha, Kelly, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun and Mire, and their debut album features a catchy, genre-jumping lead single, Doom doom ta, as well as the hip-hop/synth-pop punch in B-side, Loca.

The group and their commanding sound was produced and helmed by one of K-pop’s most reliable hitmakers, S.Tiger, also known as Shinsadong Tiger.

“I would say that the music genre was the utmost priority when I was producing TRI.BE. I wanted to produce something that was a mixture of non-mainstream genres in K-pop such as Afrobeat, baile funk, dancehall,” said Tiger, about his experience of working with the group.

Tiger added: “This type of production will serve as a major path indicator for TRI.BE’s future musical direction as well as the first step in engraving TRI.BE’s position and identity within K-pop.”

TRI.BE leader Songsun said she has been “been eager and excited about this moment ever since I started practicing”.

She added: “I have been a trainee for nine years before debuting and I had a lot of worries before this debut. I want to be a perfectionist just like my cousin, Girls’ Generation member Yuri.”

Jinha said that their songs contain their goals to move forward with confidence.

She added: “Our goal is to be leading the music shows and charts. Our role model is BLACKPINK, their performances are always cool, and we are inspired by how they perfectly showcase a variety of concepts.”

Soeun said that the group’s goal right now is to win the Rookie of the Year award and come first place in music shows.

“I also really want us to appear on entertainment shows,” added Soeun.

The group’s non-Korean members said learning the language was the hardest part of training in Korea, but they were able to overcome the challenge with the help of fellow members.

The name of the K-Pop group is derived from the combination of the words “triangle,” which signifies the perfect shape, and “being”, leading to the slogan: “We are perfect as we are.”

The group conveys the message of self-love and confidence by unapologetically flaunting their key concept of “Girl Swag”.

The group currently stars in the reality series “Let’sTry! be”. TRI.BE is the first K-pop group to debut under the label of Universal Music Group Korea and is jointly produced by star K-pop songwriter Sinsadong Tiger and the global entertainment giant Universal Music Group.

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