‘Tech-based interventions attracting philanthropists’

New Delhi, April 9: Realising the critical need for digital technology adoption in the post Covid-19 world, philanthropists are increasingly interested in supporting technology-based interventions for last mile programme delivery as well as institutional capability building of non-profit organisations, according to a recent report.

As per the top philanthropy trends for 2021 by Dasra, there is also a growing recognition of the limitations of technology in the more remote parts of the country, and digitising service delivery inevitably prevents access to marginalised communities.

“While this conundrum is being acknowledged, there will continue to be increasing funder focus on supporting digital technology to enable remote service delivery among non-profits, and the recognition of the need to do this in an inclusive manner is stronger than ever before,” the report said.

It noted that specifically, the philanthropy sector in India is seeing a rising number of innovation awards, grants, incubation platforms and other opportunities seeking to support disruptive solutions to development problems, with increasing willingness to support start-ups rather than only larger and well-established NGOs.

With the sense of urgency only intensifying from here, it is likely that such interest in supporting innovations will continue well into the year.