Furniture trends that gained popularity during WFH

New Delhi, May 25: As people across the country are getting used to working from home, furniture that fits this new lifestyle is in popular demand. The Indian furnishings and design industry is busy attempting to fulfil this need, driving a huge development through these trends.

Raghunandan Saraf, CEO and Founder of Saraf Furniture lists a few furniture trends popular during WFH:

Personalised spaces within the household:

Working trends have seen a shift with the offices being shifted to the households. A major change in pattern includes virtual meetings and work calls. Owing to this employees tend to create an aesthetic and presentable corner in their homes turning them into office desks with minimal furniture.

Comfortable and cool design:

With rise in WFH, numerous corporate organisations allowed WFH even post-unlock as well as gave them a sizeable remittance to purchase office furniture and prerequisites to set up a work station at home. Employees capitalised on the chance to create a comfortable work corner that suit their long working hours. Solace and style are both reflecting in the new work corners, giving off a vive of sophistication while attending official meetings while simultaneously give their home a superior stylistic theme look. This shot up the interest for home desks, convertible desks, and chairs by tenfold.

Easy to clean and disinfect:

Aside from comfort, simple to clean surfaces are popular as Covid-19 has installed disinfection in individuals’ day to day lives. People regularly end up eating or drinking refreshments while working and that only increased while being at home. User friendly and simple to clean and scratch free surfaces became significant feature while picking the furnishings.

Multi-purpose Furniture:

Furniture pieces with multiple uses saw a preference too, because of WFH. Professionals who had to work from home for extended periods of time chose to pick furniture that would not just effectively be workstations, but in also be of other uses at home. For example, office seats that could be utilised as a relaxing seat or chairs during non-working hours, or a work area that could likewise be a compact dinner table by the day’s end, consequently, giving more value for cash invested in the possibly temporary requirement of working from home.

Amid second wave of the pandemic and another round of lockdowns, these patterns are to stay for the long haul and will keep on affecting furnishings and home design sector.