Finally an online store only for sustainable and eco friendly products

June 22: As the levels of consciousness towards a healthy and greener world become increasingly prominent and brands face greater scrutiny, both at a consumer as well as at an accreditation level, the need to be transparent has become extremely important and basic. The proliferation of such terms as “pure”, “safe”, “green”, “eco” and “organic” in marketing and the lack of credibility makes it harder for consumers to find genuine, more well-intentioned brands, both small and big.

Therefore, to help today’s discerning and conscious consumers to find a solution to their needs in one place and also give them the assurance of finding the genuine products and brands, OneGreen has stepped in as the unique one-stop-shop in this space.

The platform times to be Asia’s largest online store for anything and everything pure, safe, natural and most importantly, sustainable. It is the house of multiple categories — from personal care to groceries and staples; from baby to intimate hygiene, from home care to food and beverage — aiming to satisfy an array of needs of its consumers in terms of availability and by assuring them of the quality.

Today’s consumers are more passionate and aware than ever before, with increased access to information, they are not averse to being educated on the inner workings of a brand. Sustainability isn’t a hackneyed word, it’s just in the danger of being dated and the platform aims to revamp it by introducing: integrity, via their One Green Sigma Index — the brand’s in-house A-level assurance that comes from conducting intensive audits on the brands signing up to be listed. This is followed by an intensive process of Certification check, thereby making the OneGreen Sigma Index one of the most potent, extensive and comprehensive “green” checks to exist in India.

Finally an online store only for sustainable and eco friendly products.(photo IANSLIFE)

Some of the prominent brands listed on the marketplace are; Epigamia, Soulfull, Nourish Organics, Vahdam Teas, Snackible, Superbottoms, The MomsCo, Conscious Foods, Neemli Naturals, Timios, The Whole Truth, Wingreens, Shumee and Bella Vita to name a few. The focus is also on providing smaller, ethical brands with the same exposure as well, making it an exclusive seller of multiple brands like Akiya, Mom’s Secret, Emblaze Theorie and many more.