Your favourite recipes get a makeover this Diwali

New Delhi, Nov 1: Street food and lots of mithai are festive staples across the country. One can’t escape the sweetness of traditional mithai or the chatpatta taste of fried savouries. JP Singh, Executive Chef, The Leela Bhartiya City, Bengaluru shares some recipes with a twist, go ahead tickle your tastebuds:

Avocado and Aloo Chaat


Hash avocado- 80g

Boiled potato-100g

Onion chopped-20g

Tomato Chopped-10g

�0′ size sev- 15g

Pomegranate seeds- For garnish

Sweet chutney-5ml

Mint chutney-3ml

Sweet curd-10ml

Chat masala-3g

Chopped coriander-2gm

Pickled Onion-For garnish

Serves: One


Cut avocado into thin slices

Cut the Boiled potato into dices and then fry until golden brown

Take a mixing bowl, add fried potato, mint chutney, sweet chutney, sweet curd, chopped onion, tomato, chopped coriander, salt and mix well.

Arrange the avocado slices into a circle and make sure there is enough space in the centre to put the potato mixture

Put the potato chat at the centre and garnish with pomegranate seeds, sev and fresh coriander sprig

Rose blossom Ladoo


Gram flour – 1 kilo

Hazelnut – 250 grams

Sugar – 800 gms

Ghee (clarified butter) – 500 grams

Rose Paste – 150 grams

Rose Petals – 180 gms

Honey – 80 gms

Makes: 40 numbers of 30 gms each


In a thick bottomed Kadhai cook melt the ghee and add Gram flour slowly to it

Cook the Gram flour till brown color and then leave it aside to cool down

Hazelnut to be toasted and then crushed to smaller pieces

Make a caramel of the sugar given in the recipe and add the crushed hazelnut to the melted sugar

Mix the Gram flour mixture and hazelnut mixture

Divide the mixture into 30 gms ladoo and coat it with dried petals of Rose

For a help of coating, the rose petals use some honey in hand to roll

Sugarfree Anjeer Sultane


Dried figs stemmed and coarsely chopped – 400 gms

Dates – 200 gms

Walnuts finely chopped – 150 gms

Cashew nut – 150 gms

Almond – 150 gms

Shelled pistachios finely chopped – 100 gms

Ghee – 70 gms

Cardamom powder – 10 gms


Take dry figs and soak them in water for 12 hours. Grind them to a fine paste

Coarsely chop all the dry fruits and dates. Store aside

In thick bottom pan cook the fog paste and chopped dates

Continue mixing on slow flame

Add chopped nuts and cardamom powder mix well with spatula

Spread on a work surface to cook down for at least 2 hours

Use a cutter to shape as desired.

Roll the sides with poppy seeds and garnish with gold leaf

Your favourite recipes get a makeover this Diwali.(photo:IANSLIFE)