Creating a Kate Spade-inspired study room

By Nitin Gagneja

New Delhi, Nov 13: A study room plays a huge role in the lives of students. Students grow and nurture themselves in these rooms, and thus, the study room must be customized according to their needs. It should be filled with comfort and inspiration. It must have all the things they love and dream of along with their books.

It is important to design the study rooms to give them a comfortable look yet focused surroundings. Nowadays, a minimalist yet organized lifestyle is encouraged, a Kate Spade-themed study room is perfect start. Also, it will add a chic touch to your study routine.

Learn to mix and match using this guide to create a Kate Spade-inspired study room.

Polka Dot Walls

Polka dots are still a hit and the brand has made it even chicer with other combinations. It gives a designer touch to your room and will be a perfect display wall for all your books.

Funky Lamps

Lamps add to the charm of a study room. It gives the “serious student” vibes you need to get in the right mindset. Make it more enjoyable by adding funky lamps or vintage lamps here and there to create a warm but serious ambience. Lamps enhance the look of a room a thousand times over and are highly recommended.

Black And White Striped Carpet

Want to keep your room clean but make it chic? Carpet is the answer! Make your room look no less than a highly designed study by adding a black and white carpet under your chair. Surprisingly, carpets make your room look more organized and fashionable. Polka dot walls go really well with striped carpets according to Kate Spade.

Personalized Decorative Items

The brands decorative items often give happy-go-lucky vibes and adding such items to your room will motivate you to do better every day. There are days when you might not want to work or study and your eyes may often wander around. This is the time when decorative items do their magic. Arrange your decorative items in a way that will motivate you and will strengthen your will to study hard.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color Combinations

Sometimes, creating colour combinations might terrify you if you’re not good with colours. Don’t worry, trust yourself. After all, it’s your study room. It should scream ‘you’ and nothing else. If it comes out as messy, you can always convert it into a style statement. Nobody has the right to judge you. But if you want to play safe, you can go for some already established, Kate Spade-inspired colour combinations to make your statement.

Details Are Important

You can never go wrong with more details, whether you are or aren’t minimalist. A tiny money plant peeking at you from the corner of your room might make your day better, or a tiny Buddha statue might motivate you to meditate before you start studying. Make the tiny spaces count. Add details to every nook and corner to make it yours. Make sure every little thing in your study room inspires you and drives you towards your goals.

You can never go wrong with a Kate spade theme, and by adding your own touch, you can make it even more beautiful. Always be true to yourself and make your room reflect who you are. Fill your room with positive vibes and watch as you grow in it. Kate spade themes are chic, funky, and trendy, which will make you feel in sync with the whole world, yet give you the peace of solitude in your own study room.

With time, you can switch to different carpets, colour combinations, decorative items, or add upgrades. Try other themes alongside Kate Spade to find your own style.

(Nitin Gagneja is the Founder of Flying Vertex Studio.)