I would like Reliance’s story to be told in the book which has no final chapter: Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi, Dec 30: Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani has predicted that India will become one of the top three economies in the world and Reliance will become one of the strongest and most reputed Indian multinational companies in the world.

Speaking at the Reliance Family Day event, Ambani shared imperatives or must-dos that all at Reliance must embrace and make it a way of life.

“We must never become complacent of what we have achieved in the past. Companies that become laid-back because of their previous achievements become footnotes in a history book.

“I would like the story of Reliance to be told in that book which has no final chapter and one which is continually updated with records of bolder initiatives and more glittering successes and where successive generations create even greater societal value and contribute to India’s growth,” Ambani said.

“This is the only way for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to earn the right to call themselves the true inheritors of the legacy of Dhirubhai Ambani,” he added.

“We must continuously revisit, iterate, re-iterate and communicate the common philosophy of ‘WE CARE’ that guides and inspires Reliance,” Ambani said on the second imperative.

“This common purpose creates a shared identity for every old and new member of Reliance Family. It strengthens their sense of belonging and their feeling of pride in working for one of the world’s great companies,” he added.

Ambani added that Covid has taught some important lessons.

“The first lesson is health first. Covid has made all of us more health conscious and fitness conscious. Health is true wealth.

“We have now begun to realise it more acutely than ever before,” he added.

The second lesson is safety first, he said. “The pandemic has taught us that the safety of each and every one is inseparably linked to safety of all. In other words, no one is fully safe in this world unless all of us are fully vaccinated with vaccines that work,” Ambani said.

The third lesson, Ambani said is family first. “At Reliance, our families are the greatest sources of our strength for each and every one of us.

“During the pandemic, work from home has enabled all of us to spend more quality time with our children, spouse and parents.

“In future, technology will offer even more exciting ways of Hybrid and Virtual Work,” Ambani said.

“Which means, we can work more efficiently and also devote more time to our families and friends. We can also invest greater amounts of time for cultivating our interests and for enjoying intimacy with nature. This will provide us an opportunity to create an even better work-life balance by focusing on things that matter the most,” he added.