Fire doors — the latest buzz in the interior world

By Jagdish Kularia

New Delhi, Jan 19: Fire poses a major hazard to any type of property, be it commercial, residential or industrial. When it comes to safeguarding these spaces, making use of a fire extinguisher is important, but it also has certain limitations.

Hence, it is prudent that efficient fire strategies must be in place to protect the occupants of the residential or commercial property as well as vital belongings, equipment or important documents. Alongside using the typical detection mechanisms like smoke detectors and fire alarms, one also needs to consider a fire-rated door. Fire-doors, which have gradually emerged as the latest trend, taking the interior world by storm, will guard your premises, guaranteeing that the fire doesn’t spread, but instead is delimited to one area.

Fire doors are an innovative concept that is considered an advantage since they play a very vital role in certifying the security and safety of the occupants of a particular premise or building. These doors meet the standards of fire resistance and can avert fire or the engulfing smoke from spreading through the floors or living spaces of a building, letting people have a safe and quick evacuation.

The installation of fire doors as a part of safety practise is very essential as they aid in preventing hazardous accidents that can occur owing to fire, which can cause severe damage to life and property. Fire doors come equipped with a fire-resistant rating and are used as a part of a building’s passive fire protection system, a necessary requisite for public buildings, offices and factories. They inhibit the fire or smoke from spreading across the building and keep the fire contained to a particular compartment or room. These doors can be composed of one or two leaves and are fabricated from an amalgamation of diverse materials such as ceramic fibre and steel, while their fittings comprise specific automatic closing and locking mechanisms. In times of a fire emergency, these doors do not get heated, thus ensuring that the occupants get a lengthier time to escape and move to a safer area while giving the firemen more time to save those trapped and extinguish the fire.

The most advantageous uses of fire-rated doors:

* Fire-rated doors help achieve the rapid and effective evacuation of occupants in case of an emergency situation. As a result, the property’s damage is reduced.

* These doors are beneficial in protecting against the spread of fire, containing it in one place along with the smoke and poisonous gases released.

* Because they are strong and durable, these doors can protect your home or business not only from fires but also from intruders and potential threats.

Where must these be installed?

To make the most of your fire defence strategy, one must consider choosing the appropriate location for installation. A location offering optimum safety without deterring a quick exit is most recommended. These include entrances and exit ways with corridor access, doorways that divide two separate buildings, and exits opening to elevator shafts and stairwells.

If you have been contemplating upping your fire safety strategy, then installing a fire-rated door is the right way forward.

(Jagdish Kularia, Director, Narsi Group)