Nail the super glam look

New Delhi, Feb 1 : While the general vibe of the year still feels uncertain, at least we’re sure of the best nail designs with a bit of imagination, you can give a quirky, fun makeover to glam up your nails.

Enrich beauty brigade breaks it down:

Modern French manicures: We’ve all tried the classic French manicure at some point, but the colourful twist to a classic manicure is great. This season instead of reaching for the white nail polish, change it up with something that packs a punch, like a red, black, metallic, or your favourite bright shade. You can opt for gold or silver-hued tips and amp up your style quotient in no time.

Nail the Super Glam Look.(photo:IANSLIFE)

Wavy swirls: For a party-ready look, try accenting your fingernails with a single statement nail adorned with eye-catching swirls. From vivid pink nail polish to shimmering silver, start by polishing your nails with contrasting colours.

Elevated glitter: For the love of all things glittery and glamorous a high-coverage glitter is your best bet. To bring the jewellery-inspired mani a bit more front and centre, pair the colours together on your nails to copy this simple glittery manicure.

3D nails: As with many of our fave weird and wonderful beauty upgrades, the trend for 3D manis making its way around the globe and onto the fingertips. The nail art sees 3D accents like squiggles, flowers, comic stickers, water droplets, tiny cartoon characters, or anything else that interests you to add to nails for a little extra swag.