‘Date of SIP investment doesn’t matter’

Chennai, Oct 29 : There is nothing called a beneficial date for investors in the case of systematic investment plan (SIP) of mutual funds, said WhiteOak Capital AMC on Saturday.

According to a study made by the company, the date of investment does not make any difference as regards returns.

“The study of the last 26 years’ index data reveals no meaningful difference between the average return of different dates’ 10 years SIPs,” WhiteOak AMC said.

In the long term it hardly matters if the investor invests via Daily, Weekly, or Monthly SIP Frequency, as per the company.

All three frequencies end up generating somewhat similar returns. What is important is to focus on investing a small amount regularly for the long term.

According to the fund house, the mid-cap segment is a good investment option for investors seeking to invest via the long-term SIP route.

It added that small and midcap (SMID) segments may offer many opportunities for potential higher growth.