‘Atmanirbhar Bharat: Accelerating SME Export for a New India’ Summit unfolds plethora of opportunities for Enterpreneurs

Indian Exporters Summit & Business Excellence Awards was the highlight of the occasion


Ahmedabad, Dec 17: Very useful seminar ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat: Accelerating SME Export for a New India’ and ‘Indian Exporters Summit & Business Excellence Awards ‘ function was  held at Silver Cloud hotel in Ahmedabad on Friday.

Global Federation for Entrepreneurs with ActivBrainz, Ideas2Execution & Chemexcil organised the event.

The objective of this event was to propogate government’s vision by propelling business ideas and trade businesses to become self-reliant and contribute to the national GDP by proliferating exports of their products and services.

Bhupendrasinh Chudasama the former cabinet minister for education, Government of Gujarat

was the Chief Guest of the occasion. 

Dr Jaimin Vasa the President of Gujarat Chemicals Association, Asit Vora the former Mayor of Ahmedabad among others attended the Summit.

Amlan Bora the Chief Representative of the Netherlands Business Support office in India in his impressive message to the medium and small businessmen and associations of  Gujarat conveyed the dire need to enable a correct data base of the enterprises and enterpreneurs of Gujarat. He also stressed the need to not compromise on qulaity of manufacturing and services and cherish the opportunities that are widespread from all over the world for India.

Professionals in thier discourse tried to explain various  challenges to entrepreneurship alongwith ample opportunities that were available under the Atmanirbhar India banner. There was also emphasis on the effective involvement of government, private enterprise. The importance of small and medium-size firms (SMEs)—the backbone of private enterprise in these societies—to a nation’s health and wealth is indisputable was discussed at length. .

Manish Chavda of Visa Euro Ahmedabad, Madhuram Khare of Director Creative agency, Ridhhi Sheth Director Foodish Ahmedabad, abhijit Patel and Kaushal Patel, directors of  Shree Education -student visa, jayesh Jagatia, Pravin Aherrav, Rafique Mankad, Rinkal Jain, Abhijit Jadav, Chanakya Bhavsar,  and others were awarded for excellent performance in thier respective fields of business ventures.

The Summit was attended by professionals from banking, finance and trade fields, small to medium and corporate sector businessmen.