Kerala MLA uses AI-supported WhatsApp automated system to connect with people 24×7

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 29 : CPI(M) leader and a member of the Kerala legislative Assembly from Kayamkulam constituency, Adv. U. Prathiba, is in the news for a unique model to connect with the people of her constituency.

The second-term MLA has utilized the latest technology to be always in touch with the constituency and thereby solve the issues being faced by the people.

Prathiba has used WhatsApp automated services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to have a direct connection with people. This helps the MLA to be in touch with the people 24 hours a day, seven days of a week and in fact, every second the MLA gets an update on what’s happening in the constituency.

The people who need to connect with the MLA have to just send a message to the specified WhatsApp number and raise the complaint. The complaint can be a water issue, a power issue, a corruption issue, or something related to a hospital, another case may be related to the ration shop or a school-related issue. Whatever the issue, if a complaint is raised in the specified number, it alerts the MLA, her office, and the concerned department.

Prathiba while speaking to IANS said, “This helps the people to directly raise their complaint and we solve the issue. Even if they are not able to connect with me directly, the issue is settled. I am regularly checking the messages that come to the WhatsApp number and also cross-checking whether my office and the concerned department have acted on the complaint. “

After the MLA commenced connecting to the people using Whatsapp automated services in September around 73,000 people clicked the link.

Aravind of Console technologies, the technical support services of the project while speaking to IANS said, “In Kerala, Kayamkulam MLA, U. Prathiba Madam has utilized this services. It helps people to raise a complaint and the complaint is seen by the MLA, her office as well as the concerned department from where the complainant requires a response. Around 73,000 people from all around the constituency as well as from outside had clicked into the services. More than 35,000 people have got their complaint rectified.”

The project was inaugurated on September 1, 2022 by the then Kerala Assembly Speaker, M.B. Rajesh.

After the MLA’s project became a hit, offering consolation to the people from across the constituency and in some cases even out of her constituency, a large number of people’s representatives have shown interest in the project.

Kerala industries minister, P. Rajeeve and state urban minister, M.B. Rajesh will be installing the project in their respective constituencies soon.