‘Drugs Free India’ Call to echo at “Shilp Aarambh Gift City Run”

Sneh Shilp Foundation organises marathon on Feb 26 at Gift City, Gandhinagar


Ahmedabad, Feb 18: Snehal and Yash Brahmbhatt founded Sneh Shilp Foundation is all set to make thousands of Gujarat’s young people run on February 26 at Gift city, Gandhinagar.

The business couple who believes in sharing and caring decided to take up the drive against drug consumption by youth of the nation. “Hence, the idea of ‘Shilp Aarambh Gift City Run’ was born explained Snehal. “We want maximum youth of the city to join us for this run. We have our road map for the next year also ready with us. We have made expert panels which include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and therapists who will support us in creating awareness about this societal evil. We are also launching our initiative of ‘Heal on Wheels’ which is a van that will run across the city and nearby areas spreading awareness and helping those who are already reeling under the effect of drugs,” she added.

‘Shilp Aarambh marathon’ is being supported by Gujarat Police and enfolds state and central government run agencies’ (Narcotics Control Bureau of India, Development Commissioner, SEZ and from Gift City, Gandhinagar) representation.

Surpreet Singh Khalsa aka Suri Paji is the Director of the race which is likely to be participated by over 10,000 marathoners of the vicinity of Gujarat.

“Venue is another attraction to run as it is being held on a Sunday at the serene, lush green and well-designed location of Gift City, Gandhinagar from 5.30 AM onwards. Exciting Prize Monies, T Shirts, Medal, Certificate of Appreciation and elaborate Refreshment arrangements at multiple location points have been organized to motivate the marathoners to run with real commitment towards making the society Drugs Free” pointed out Suri Paji.

CEO of Shilp Group, Yash Brahmbhatt observed that “Shilp has been building the city’s skyline for almost two decades now and we have received love and trust from everyone around. It is now time to do something for the society. Our idea by initiating this awareness drive is to alert and warn the drug addicts or even beginners into this vice to quit it and follow a healthy and disciplined way of life”.                                                                           

Certified Cyber Security Expert and Co-Founder Heritage Cyber World LLP Dhruv Pandit highlighted the menace of drugs as he stated “what the off line sale of the drugs exists double of it and more is rampantly and easily available online also. He surprised everyone with the modus operandi of the sellers and the trap they weave around the youth by the way of SEO building, games, cartoons, shopping and social media. Pseudo names are used to strike the deal of drug buying in the online purchase of drugs”.

Pandit spoke about the Ills of online drug trafficking, terrorism activities using drugs, online drugs racket and digital drugs mafia world. He also stressed on how Shilp Aarambh Marathon can really prove to be real game changer for raising awareness in the society. 

Also present at the Press Conference were the dignitaries of the society like entrepreneur, motivator and change maker – Chiranjiv Patel, Social Entrepreneur Ruzan Khambatta & Founder of Motherhood Foundation – Dr Twinkal Patel who all stood for the cause of Shilp Aarambh initiative.

Dr Twinkal elaborated the harsh reality of our society where youth were easily getting lured to free drug consumption and gradually are turning into as small time sellers and addicts. She highlighted the fact that the young minds at teen and adolescent age hardly understand what they are getting into. Excessive and negative use of technology and gadgets specially the mobiles and internet is taking the toll of India’s wealth which is our youth. It is time they are pushed away from any possible and existing drug menace in and around them”.

Ruzan with her experience of social activities and research work pointed out that the drug menace was not restricted to school and college going youth but of the girls and boys who are working at IPOs, BPOs etc and observed that India is today the highest populated country with world’s highest youth population must take up the mission ‘say no to drugs’ very seriously. Efforts like “Shilp Aarambh Gift City Run” will help reaching out to large number of youth, their parents, friends and relatives.

A powerful anthem with meaningful lyrics is also going to be the part of drive with an underlined message of ‘say no to drugs’.

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