‘Bigg Boss 16’ favourite Abdu Rozik claims to have grown

Mumbai, April 5 : Tajik singer and former ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Abdu Rozik, who suffers from growth hormone deficiency and despite being 19-year-old, he looks like a kid because of his height of 94 cm, shared with his fans that his height has increased.

Abdu posted a picture and wrote in the caption that with God’s blessings he can observe a change in his height and that it has increased. “Can you see a difference?? Doctors told us that I would not grow and that I have 0 per cent growth hormone. Alhamdulillah a miracle, with all your love, support and prayers I’m growing!!”

After his post, many of his fans expressed their happiness.

One social media user wrote: “Sometimes we only need blessings. We love you a lot…Good bless you Abdu Rozik.”

Another fan mentioned: “Really, it’s a miracle that too@ this age. God is there. U r an angel. Everyone’s love & God’s blessings r there with u. Keep smiling & keep growing. Stay happy. We love u like this also. God bless u Abdu.”

Recently, Abdu was in news because of his fight with rapper MC Stan and Abdu alleged him of misbehaving with him during an event.