4th Aha Theatre for Children Festival comes to Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad, July 12: Neekoee Foundation in collaboration with Ranga Shankara – Bangalore, brings to Ahmedabad, the fourth AHA! Theatre Festival for Children. The 5-day festival of plays for children for the age group from 3-12 years. 5 plays would be staged by performers across India as follows.
Time – 5 pm
The venue for 18/7 to 21/7 is – H.K.Hall, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.
The venue for 22/7 is – Prayogshala, off. Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

The Land of Mea Lilo
The audience is invited by Mea & Lilo, two quirky characters in their discovery of ‘The Land of Mea Lilo ‘ – a place of hidden objects. What happens to them there, and how do they overcome the challenges connecting to the inner child for grownups.
Witness their adventures of creative explorations and watch your imagination come to life! I see you see what could it be?! The work focuses on the joy of imagination and plays through the exploration of banal everyday objects by two heartwarming and not-so-perfect characters. The performance puts value in sharing unfiltered emotions and using a minimalist approach to language with an emphasis on physical language which comes naturally to children.
Type – Physical Theatre with English
Duration – 45 Mins
Age Group – 4+ Years

Bag of Gags
The magical world in the bags of two clowns are going to unravel and fall open for you to see! Bags of Gags is a non-verbal clown show based on a profound clown technique and supported by magic, mime, slapstick, and audience interactions.
Language – Non-verbal, some English words
Duration – 45 min
Age Group – 7+ years

Crying Village
The Crying Village is a play for children that follows the adventures of Guddu, a young boy, who travels to a dreamland where water is scarce. There, he meets Oni, a girl from another world, and together they learn that this land lacks water, and everyone drinks tears. From here, Guddu and Oni embark on a quest to find a solution and bring hope to Oni’s drought-stricken world. Along the way, they encounter unique challenges and learn valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and the importance of cherishing Earth’s precious resources.
Language – Hindi & English
Duration – 60 Mins
Age Group – 8+ Years

Just Hiss
An original script adaptation of a short story titled, ‘A serpent’ s predicament’. A play about nonviolence, the need to be your authentic self, to forgive, to not forget, and to co-exist with all beings. What does it take to choose love over hate?
Language – Hindi & English
Duration – 55 Mins
Age Group – 10+ Years

Hanv Ghara Aisa
Hanv Gara Asa, Which means ‘I am home ’ in Konkani, Explores the idea of ‘Being Home ’. Told through objects and materials, this play wishes to take the viewer on a journey of what it truly means to be Home
Language – A Few Words/Song in Konkani
Duration – 22 Mins
Age Group – 3-4 Years
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For More Information contact – +91-99985 75207