Rajasthan gives a nod to the tourist and hospitality industries

New Delhi, July 14 : Rajasthan is steadily rising to the top of the list for those wishing to invest in the travel and tourist sector. A total of 802 tourist units have been approved in the state, which would get an investment of Rs 10,463.47 crore from December 2018 to June 2023 during the leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. 40,785 persons in the state will have work options thanks to these licenced tourist businesses. It is important to note that the state’s tourism and hospitality sectors have been classified as full-fledged industries in order to achieve the Chief Minister’s goal of making the state a leader in the industry both nationally and internationally. Consequently, investors are exhibiting a keen interest to invest in the state’s tourist sector.

According to Dr. Rashmi Sharma, director of the tourism department, “The Rajasthan Tourism Department is currently focusing on identifying and developing new, lesser-known tourist destinations within the state as part of its new tourism policy, which is continually luring Investors to invest in the state and allows them to conduct all of their business through a single window rather than compelling them to visit various places.”

Simultaneously, in the year-2022, the Rajasthan Inquiry Committee was constituted, which included the President. The committee oversees 379 pilgrimages in the tourism industry, of which 55 have been completed and 149 are currently at various phases. This initiative will invest Rs 14,679.63 crore in the state and create jobs for 60,687 people.

Advantages of Industrial Status :

To provide advantages related to industrial status, the agency grants entitlement certificates to tourism units. Power is provided to the units covered by this certificate at industrial rates, which are around 30 percent less expensive than commercial rates. In addition, UD tax is assessed on these units at industrial rates, which are 80 per cent less than commercial rates.


There were 1,262 applications for entitlement certificates for industrial status received by the department, out of which 859 have been issued. Similarly, 41 applications have been received under the Rural Tourism Scheme 2022, of which 35 certificates have been issued. So far 25 guest houses have been registered by the department in the state. The state operates about 850 home stays (paying guests) by combining old and new policies.


What is included in tourism units:

Hotel and Motel, Heritage Hotel, Budget Hotel, Restaurant or Cafeteria, Resort, Sports Resort, Health Resort Spa, Camping Site, Amusement Park, Animal Safari Park, Convention Center / Mice, Museum, Rope Way, tourist luxury coach, caravan and cruise tourism.