Crafted womenswear brand Encrustd goes exclusive with AJIO

The brand is popularly known for its exquisite western designer collection

Top categories from Encrustd include topwear, bottomwear, footwear and bags

The brand will soon launch a dazzling new vacation-inspired collection


Mumbai, Aug 1: Get ready to witness a fashion revolution like never before as Encrustd, the brainchild of renowned fashion guru Deepa Chikarmane, will now be exclusively available on AJIO. Combining the beauty of Indian craftsmanship with global glitz and glamour, Encrustd is all set to turn the Indian fashion scene on its head.

Encrustd represents elevated international clothing that’s beautifully designed with the best fabrics, features fine craftsmanship, and is great value for money. Drawing from over two decades of experience in designing embellished garments for global fashion houses all over the world, Deepa Chikarmane brings her creative genius to India, creating a fashion fusion that will leave you breathless. In 2015, the brand was born out of Deepa’s vision to make luxury designer clothing accessible at affordable price points.

“Encrustd is not just another fashion brand; it’s a force to be reckoned with,” said Deepa Chikarmane, Founder, Encrustd. “Our commitment to craftsmanship sets us apart, ensuring that each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection, blending the finest Indian artistry with the hottest western trends. We believe in empowering individuals to embrace their unique style and make bold statements.”

Earlier this year, Encrustd unveiled its Mon Soleil Spring ‘23 collection that combines a fresh take on spring fashion with luxurious, flowly fabrics, hand crocheted tops and dainty floral prints. With the new season approaching, the brand is planning to launch a dazzling new vacation-inspired collection soon.

Vineeth Nair, CEO, AJIO, said, “Encrustd embodies modern women – confident, elegant and ready to take on the world with style. The brand is loved by customers for it’s elevated quality designs and fine craftsmanship that transcends fashion. We’re excited to add Encrustd to AJIO’s wide roster of exclusive brands, raising the style quotient for fashion conscious Indian women.”

Encrustd is more than a brand; it is a movement that celebrates individuality, confidence, and self-expression. With its exquisite creations perfected by skilled Indian artisans, from elegant dresses to chic separates, Encrustd caters to every occasion, ensuring that wearers always steal the spotlight.