Astral Ltd Achieves India’s First IS-Certification for CPVC Pipe Fittings for Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System


Now available with higher tensile strength, higher pressure capacity & more resistance to corrosion & erosion due to special extruded high copper content brass material

Ahmedabad Sept 11: Astral Limited, a prominent name in building materials solutions, proudly announces its achievement of receiving the prestigious India’s first-ever                               IS certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards for Fire Pro CPVC fittings for automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system as per IS 16534-2017. Earlier we have also been granted India’s first-ever IS certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards for Fire Pro CPVC Pipes as per IS 16088- 2012 during the year 2014. Now we have IS – certification for both Fire Pro CPVC Pipes & Fire Pro CPVC fittings for a complete automatic Fire Sprinkler Piping System.

The Astral Fire Pro CPVC Piping System has already established itself as a standout solution for automatic fire sprinkler applications. With the recent IS certification, the system’s reputation for excellence is further reinforced. The system boasts several advantages, including its lightweight nature, ease of joining, reduced labour costs, and storage convenience.

Kairav Engineer, Executive Director at Astral Limited stated, “Securing the IS certification for our Astral Fire Pro – CPVC Pipe & fittings System is a testament to our commitment to ensuring superior fire safety solutions for our customers. This accomplishment showcases Astral’s focus on enhancing the safety of our communities by reinforcing infrastructural integrity. We are optimistic that we continue to develop such products that will ensure the safety and protection of our customers at large. We are proud to be certified BIS and hope to inspire other organizations to step forward & contribute to many such certified products in their own possible ways”

Astral’s Fire Pro CPVC Piping System is engineered to meet the requirements according to IS 15105 and NFPA 13. The system is suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects, features a wet piping system configuration, and can sustain a working pressure capacity of up to 12.30 kg/cm2 @65˚C. Rigorous testing, including high-rated pressure fire exposure tests, has earned approvals from various state and district fire authorities.

The system’s robust attributes include enhanced tensile strength, increased pressure capacity, and amplified resistance to corrosion and erosion, due to the incorporation of special extruded high copper-content brass material. Astral’s Fire Pro Fittings System promises reliability, durability, and safety in fire protection, cementing its position as an industry leader.