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Guj HC defers decision on stray cattle menace matter


Ahmedabad, Oct 26 : The Gujarat High Court on Thursday deferred its decision on the stray cattle menace matter in the state by a day following a request by Advocate General, Kamal Trivedi.

A bench, comprising Justices A.J. Shastri and Hemant Prachchhak, has rescheduled the hearing on this matter on October 27.

On Friday, the High Court is expected to determine the course of action in addressing the stray cattle menace issue in the state. 

The court’s decision to delay the order stems from an earlier indication on October 25 where it had hinted at framing contempt charges against responsible officials for their alleged failure to adhere to the high court’s directives in addressing the cattle menace prevailing in the state.

Advocate General Kamal Trivedi, while representing the state government before the bench, saying: “We must ensure that everything is in order. Let’s have one final opportunity, and I pledge to personally oversee the resolution of all the issues highlighted in the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority report.

“Not only will we address the cited episodes, but we will also ensure that ongoing efforts are undertaken diligently.”

Justice Shastri responded that for this purpose, “we will request that you — the state government — ensure the presence of the respective commissioners and the principal secretary of the urban development department in court tomorrow at 11 am”.