ACC creates sustainable livelihood through goat rearing around its Chanda Cement Works


Hanumannagar, Nov 29: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has created a comprehensive goat rearing ecosystem that has managed to pull-out several families from dire poverty in Hanuman Nagar at its Chanda Cement Works. With the support from ACC and its partner NGO Indira Mahila Bachat Gat, beneficiary households are now earning an annual income of Rs 45000/-, with an average livestock holding of 6-7 goats per family.

The initiative on goat-rearing as a livelihood activity for the relatively poor and landless households have largely been concentrated in villages and hamlets around Chanda Cement Works in Chandrapur, Maharashtra that are blessed with a dense deciduous Sal Forest, endowed with a large number of seasonal plants and shrubs that are a good source of fodder for goats. 

The success of goat-based livelihood is largely due to the comprehensive services provided by the on-ground team of ACC & Adani Foundation that includes livestock insurance, veterinarian services, banking and credit services.  

ACC and the Adani Foundation are actively engaged in impactful initiatives designed to uplift communities and drive sustainable development. From water conservation projects to empowering livelihoods and promoting social inclusion, their comprehensive efforts are leaving a lasting positive impact on diverse facets of society.