Zunoon – 23 campaign of Biz Treez to highlight Ubuntu philosophy & modern training programs


Ahmedabad, Nov 29: Rriddhi Ravaal, founder of Biz Treez Networking & Business community today announced the auction results & timeline of the forthcoming month long Zunoon campaign of Biz Treez community. 

Rriddhi  while explaining the concept of Ubuntu said “Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It is often described as reminding us that ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. We have around 200 members across 5 chapters of Aarambh, Aasman, Aanant, Aavyan and Aagam in Biz Treez and I want them to appreciate each other and grow together. Also we are designing special training programs to groom them, equip them and get them ready to express themselves better in the world of business and networking.”

Supported by Foresight Financial Advisory & Dishit Parekh as the main campaign sponsor, the Zunoon 2023 auction, held today witnessed 18 team captains competing to choose their best team from the 180 member players who went under the hammer.Now
these teams would compete & promise to grow together for the next 25 days following the philosophies of Ubuntu, many twists and turns, Training modules, special presentation days and try to give maximum businesses for members, for community and develop a presentation style and brand image for themselves.

Team Captains – Vaishalee Mistryy, Monal Maru, Nikul Shah, Yatin Shah, Keyur Talati, Jigar Saraiya, Nipun D Bhatt, Riddhii Shaah, Ami Zhaveri, Pranay Radhanpura, Ankita Khant, Dr Vishal Desai, Kamlesh Patel, Riinkuu Shah, Nirmal Mehta, Jitendra Gelot, Nirali Shah and Subhojit Sen participated in the Zunoon 2023 auctions and pledged to enhance the business of the members and the community with true passion & fairness.