Upstox introduces unique features; empowering users with Cutting-Edge Investing Solutions


Ahmedabad, Dec 12:Upstox (also known as RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd), one of India’s leading investment platforms, has introduced revamped features on its app that will radically simplify investing for Indians. By reimagining the investor experience, Upstox aims to make the investment process seamless, intuitive, and more engaging.

This revamped features suite is a pivotal part of Upstox’s core campaign. The campaign –  ‘Invest Right, Invest Now’, is a mission to educate all users about the power of passive investing and on how to start their journey towards a disciplined investing approach via SIPs in Index Funds. The underlying belief is that as India’s leading companies prosper, so will the investors’ wealth when they participate in the equity markets.

Also realizing that new investors often grapple with fundamental questions such as where, how, why, what to invest in, Upstox has undertaken the substantial task of analyzing over 10,000 Mutual Fund schemes and shortlisted top-performing ones based on risk and return metrics. These are listed as ‘Top Funds’ in Upstox’s newly revamped Mutual Fund section. The company has also launched features like Stock SIPs, Wealth Tracker, Gold, and Fixed Income on its app to provide users a holistic investing landscape.

As a part of its efforts to educate investors, Upstox has introduced “Truths Of Investing”, a succinct educational resource accessible within the revamped Mutual Funds section. For example, by initiating a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with just ₹5000, yielding a 12.5% return, and remaining invested for 25 years, individuals have the potential to witness their investment grow to a crore, highlighting the impactful nature of compounding. Upstox presents various other enlightening truths that are easy to comprehend and implement.

Additionally, the firm offers its users a “Simplified stock analysis page” featuring analyst ratings, checklists, and condensed information to empower users in making confident stock investment decisions. Another notable introduction from Upstox this year is “UpLearn”, delivering easily understandable educational materials tailored for learners at all levels across India.

As the official sponsor of the 2023 World Cup, along with the ‘Invest Right, Invest Now, campaign, Upstox  also introduced a social media campaign called “Khaata Khola Kya?” to nudge users to start their investment journey during the World Cup period.

In keeping with its commitment to help Indians Invest right – Upstox puts rigorous effort on identifying user need gaps and addressing them. It is the only broking app offering two completely distinct user experiences – for Investors and Pro Traders, within one universe. Both of these are designed based on the distinct needs of both these user categories. A lot of the features discussed earlier can be experienced on the invest section of the app.

On the Trade section too, Upstox has introduced strategic features aimed at making accuracy, efficiency and cutting edge tech accessible to every Pro Trader. Powered with accurate charting data, readymade option strategies, 100% collateral via Margin Pledge, mandatories like Basket orders, GTT and key indicators (India VIX, Max Pain, PCR)  – Upstox is confident of being  ‘the only option trading platform you’ll need’.

In a bid to provide holistic investing options for all customer categories with varying risk appetites, Upstox has also launched Long-term and Fixed Income investment options like Treasury Bills, Government Bonds and State Development Loans as a part of its latest rollouts.

With a customer-centric focus and constant effort on increasing equity participation, Upstox is now home to over 13 million users. For Upstox, Gujarat has also been one of the fastest growing markets in terms of demat accounts growth. Upstox’s diverse user base includes a prominent representation from the millennial bracket and Tier 2-3 cities; comprising businessmen, government employees and homemakers.

Amit Lalan, Director, Upstox said, “Our efforts in creating awareness of financial investments are being well received from all over the country, and I am grateful for that. We are positive that our core vision of driving a culture of diverse financial investing, will help us reach for newer horizons, and make us a partner of choice for our customers. We are committed to improving equity participation in India, one customer at a time.”

Looking ahead, Upstox aims to provide individuals with a holistic, 360-degree approach to investing, enabling users to learn, decide, invest and trade, with a simple, reliable, and transparent platform. Upstox wants to give every citizen the knowledge and confidence they need to begin their investment.