10th Gujarat Literature Festival @ GU on Dec 24-26 set to promote Gujarati literature

GLF aims at promoting and popularising Gujarati literature through debates, discussions, and workshops


Ahmedabad, Dec 15: The tenth edition of the Gujarat Literature Festival (GLF) presented by Gujarat Media Club (GMC), will be inaugurated by Amit Shah, the Union Minister of Home and Co-operation.

This edition will be hosted by Gujarat University on December 24, 25 and 26, 2023. 

This edition of the Gujarat Literature Festival (GLF) will be presented by the Gujarat Media Club (GMC) on December 24, 25 and 26, 2023. 

Dr Neerja Gupta Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University while addressing a press meet on Friday commented “The three day GLF is indeed a nice idea to witness and encourage the assimilation of the journalists and the writers within the society. We have been experiencing the art and craft of renowned masters of words who have crossed entered the gates of journalism from the literary field and vice versa. In several cases, both have been successful in proving their metal. People read them through books, magazines or on screens through serials or movies. This is indeed a beautiful transition of two worthy talents”.

Dr Neerja further added that “it is indeed an honour and pleasure for the GU to host the GLF even as it is going to be inaugurated by none other than the Home Minister Amit Shah, alumni of the GU and the Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel. Also, the GU is celebrating its 75th year and such a festival will only add more feathers to its being there for the society”.

The GLF promises an immersive experience with a diverse lineup of popular speakers and performers. Attendees can look forward to engaging discussions, book launches, poetry recitals, and captivating performances.

GLF is not just a celebration of established and popular literary figures; it has earned a reputation for being a launch pad for emerging talent. The festival is committed to introducing and promoting young and new writers, providing them with a stage to showcase their creativity.

The GLF Director Shyam Parekh, former editor and media educator explained the idea of GLF and its ten successful years “Starting in 2014, GLF has emerged as the largest and most popular literature festival in Gujarat. Over the past ten years, GLF has emerged as a beacon for young literature enthusiasts, fostering intellectual discourse, celebrating diverse voices, and bridging the gap between established and emerging writers”.

Parekh emphasised the fact that GLF’s multiple festivals will collectively bring together the essence of literature, cinema, theatre and children’s literature through panel discussions, debates and musical performances.

GMC, Gujarat’s most prominent body of media persons, has come forward to encourage and support GLF. Nirnay Kapoor, President of the GMC and a senior television journalist, was also present at the occasion. He said “GMC team is always keen to associate itself with association of such events and occasions which can bring joy, motivation and improvement for its members. GLF is now the longest-running literature festival in the state”. 

Samkit Shah, an entrepreneur and a versatile artist who is associated with the GLF from its inception time observed that “GLF is no more an ‘event’ alone. In fact, it has been known and rightfully treated as a ‘Festival’ by its worthy participants and visitors. It incorporates all the elements of knowledge, information, interaction, presentation and so on by the most talented writers and artists.

Malhar Dave of Viewfinder Marcom conducted the meeting.

Entry to the festival is free with registration on the website